With summer now turning to autumn, we've taken a look at the drinks market and picked out five of the most delicious drinks you can pick up at affordable prices, to kick your new season off the right way!

Food and Drink on Female First

Food and Drink on Female First

For the 'wow' factor

Jacob’s Creek Aperitivo Spritz (£10.98, ASDA) is best enjoyed over ice with a slice of blood orange or ruby red grapefruit, to bring the botanical flavours to life. The product offers lots of flavour with none of the faff traditionally required for making cocktails. The result is a flawless flavour in a convenient ready-to-serve form, making it great for time poor hosts and is the perfect companion to parties. Aperitivo Spritz joins the Jacob’s Creek family of award-winning wines recognised for their quality. With over 160 years’ of winemaking expertise, Jacob’s Creek is famous around the world and has been leading the industry in innovation with light and fresh wines from Australia. Bursting with zesty sweet blood oranges, bitters, botanicals such cinchona (a form of tree bark) and liquorice root extract, and topped off with sparkling white wine made from the Glera grape, Aperitivo Spritz is a refreshing sparkling drink with bitter sweet citrus notes.

For the wine lover

Brancott Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (£8, Sainsbury’s) is an award winning premium white wine from Marlborough, New Zealand that has sweet ripe fruit characters with a delightful mix of citrus, floral, pear and tropical fruit and a crisp nettle highlight, making it perfect for dinner parties, plus it’s just under a tenner. The Brancott Estate story began over 40 years ago with a bold idea to plant vines in Marlborough, New Zealand. At the time, the South Island was considered too cold to grow grapes, but Brancott Estate challenged this thinking and planted the very first Sauvignon Blanc vines in Marlborough. It was this pioneering spirit that led to something spectacular; the distinctive and vibrant expression of Sauvignon Blanc now loved the world over.

For the cocktail maker, or non-drinker

Sparkling Ice (£1.49 each, Sparkling Ice) is a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage available in six refreshing flavours – Black Raspberry, Peach Nectarine, Cloudy Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit, Orange Mango and Kiwi Strawberry. At just 12 calories per bottle, impress your guests with an array of delicious cocktails such as the Pinot Punch or let them enjoy the fruity burst on its own – the choice is yours and the impossibilities are endless!

For the designated driver

CEDER’S (£20, Sainsbury’s) is an exciting new drink for anyone looking for a non-alcoholic alternative to the much loved G&T. A guilt-free serve offering an everyday escape from modern life. Handcrafted and bottled in Sweden, CEDER’S is made from classic gin and exotic South African botanicals found only in the inspirational Cederberg Mountains. These botanicals are combined with pristine Swedish water to create a unique product that provides all the flavour of gin without the alcohol. CEDER’s is available in three flavours: Classic - juniper with floral hints, Crisp – juniper combined with citrus, cucumber and camomile, and Wild – juniper and ginger, clove and rooibos.

NOTE: The WILD flavour is only available at Tesco.

For the craft beer connoissour

Toast Ale (£1.80, Sainsbury’s) is an award-winning beer that is brewed with a slice of fresh surplus bread in every bottle. 100% of profits are poured into the environmental charity Feedback to end food waste. The Bloomin' Lovely Session IPA is brewed with the finest ingredients and is a perfectly balanced IPA with hop bitterness and fruit aromas that both satisfy and leave room for more.

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