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Caroline Oldham

Caroline Oldham

We are soon to be launching the Biteappy Club which I am really excited about, a new venture to be revealed soon! You can register your interest for free via this link: http://blog.biteappy.com/biteappy-club/

As Autumn settles in I start to cook some delicious warms foods and enjoy soup a lot to keep warm, although to be honest it isn't even that cold yet. It is the time of year where I find I get a little more into being at home, so I always push myself to keep going to the gym. With my wedding around the corner I have signed up to some Personal Training and will be, to my delight, be training outside in the wet and hold, can you feel my sarcasm in here! Anyway it will all be worth it, and although I am fit and healthy I feel I need that extra to push to get me toned and strong for the wedding.

Zizzi is a chain of Italian restaurants located all over the UK, I remember when I was at university one of the first ones opening in Nottingham and me and my friends used to love it there and go for meals. They now have 140 restaurants nationwide with their popular Italian food.

We want pre cinema so it was really quiet in Zizzi Brighton Marina when we went which was nice, otherwise I think it is vey popular. They do have a full 'non gluten' containing menu which the waitress can give you and it makes it easier to order. They do gluten free pizza and gluten free pasta here. We started off with some delicious large nocellera giganti green olives which were amazing. The next decision was tough, pizza or pasta, well I always get the option of pasta but not so much pizza so I decided to give it a try. I went for the Polpette which has lamb meatballs, olives, sun blushed tomatoes and smoked garlic on it. It was really tasty, I loved the edge of the pizza but towards the middle it was still a little hard, it might be the flour but in terms of a gluten free pizza it is pretty good and I haven't had much better in the UK yet.

Keeping in line with pizza, we have actually just bought a home pizza machine from a kickstarter project, we are yet to try it out but will keep you updated with the results. I have made my own pizza's before and have a few on my blog, one is just gluten and dairy free using flours, the other is cauliflower based pizza, slightly more tricky but both delicious, give it a try: https://www.biteappy.com/blog/blog/gluten-dairy-free-pizza-base/

There is so many yummy vegan or dairy free cheeses you can add to pizza now, one of my favourite brands is Bute Island, great to add onto a pizza.