• Despite sales of lobster soaring in recent years, two thirds (66%) of British adults have still never tried it.
  • 61% UK adults have no idea that Chateaubriand is a type of steak 
  • The nation is also clueless when it comes to the cost of luxury cuisine, with the average Brit estimating a lobster will set them back £22 – 340% more than what it actually costs at a UK supermarket

 The perceived cost of luxury cuisine – and a lack of knowledge about how to cook it – is preventing a startling number of Brits from trying foods including lobster and luxury steaks, according to new research from supermarket Iceland.

Food and Drink on Female First

Food and Drink on Female First

Despite lobster seemingly becoming an increasingly accessible luxury in recent years, two thirds (66%) of British adults have still yet to try it, with the perceived cost and confusion about how to eat or cook it proving the main barriers. 

83% of people claim to have no idea how to prepare lobster, whilst a quarter (25%) of those yet to sample the high end favourite claim the perceived expense puts them off. The average Brit assuming it would set them back around £22 – 340% more than the £5 it would actually set them back in Iceland.

Despite a growing preference for luxury cuisine in Britain, less than half (39%) of people actually know what Chateaubriand is, with a third (32%) thinking it was either a type of wine (17%) or type of French pie (17%), whilst some (5%) thought it was a French tourist attraction.

This may go some way to explain why 75% of UK adults have never eaten Chateaubriand, and of those who have, only a mere 6% have eaten it at home.

However, the main reason people avoid Chateaubriand is again the assumed cost (23%), with the average of Brit expecting this to set them back £25 at the supermarket for a two person serving – 150% more expensive than it actually costs at UK supermarkets such as Iceland. A further four out of five people (88%) don’t know how to cook Chateaubriand.

Whilst Gaucho steak has been making big waves on the foodie scene over the past few years, 85% of Brits have still never eaten it, either at home or in a restaurant, with 94% of people claiming they’d have no idea how to cook or prepare it.

Regional romances

Londoners are the most likely to eat lavish cuisine in a restaurant – with just under half (41%) having enjoyed lobster, and a third (31%) having sampled Chateaubriand and Gaucho steak (32%)

Those in the Midlands are the most reserved when it comes to high end dining – with only a quarter (24%) having sampled lobster in a restaurant, and only 7% have ever ordered Gaucho steak. However, Brighton (51%), Liverpool (44%) and Edinburgh residents (47%) were more likely to correctly determine what a Chateaubriand is, vs 39% of Londoners.

Neil Nugent, Head Chef at Iceland, adds: “We’re really proud to be able to offer quality foods, which were once only available in restaurants for great value. We offer delicious and easy-to-cook luxury items, including Chateaubriand and Lobster, all found conveniently on local high streets and at affordable prices. Our products have been lovingly crafted so that our customers can impress for less this Valentine’s Day.”

This Valentine’s Day Iceland is offering sensational Iceland Chateaubriand with Red Wine (450g), juicy Iceland Uncooked Canadian Lobster Tails (200g), and a luxury dessert for just £20, so there’s no reason not to spoil your loved one this February 14th.




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