With retailers battling with online queues of over two hours and many customers struggling to find delivery slots until late April, now is a great time to consider supporting independent businesses who offer delivery services and subscription boxes. Here are Female First's top picks...

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Farmison and Co

Online businesses like the ethically-founded butchery Farmison & Co are determined to keep providing fresh food to customers up and down the country and have made the necessary adjustments to keep up with demand and deliver the goods to their customers. It's 'business as usual' for the premium supplier, as the team are working around the clock to continue to offer next day delivery* of their plentiful meat boxes (both subscription and non-subscription options available) for home cooking and freezing. They have even fashioned a self-isolation plan so that all boxes are being delivered with no signature required and a 'safe place' option for customers to pick themselves. 

Browse the website and shop the widest range of cuts in the UK here. Alternatively, opt for a subscription ‘Eat Better Meat Box’. 

There is a range of meatbox subscription options for singles, couples and families alike. The contents in Farmison & Co's subscription boxes change every 4 weeks to offer variety and give you the opportunity to try some of the lesser known cuts.

Love Yourself 

No time to go to the shops?  Shops run out of stock? Love Yourself has you covered catering to your dietary requirements whether that be vegetarian, gluten free, keto or pescatarian. All food is prepared in a clean, sanitized facility with strict hygiene procedures in place. All food is packaged in sterile, food-grade containers, with an airtight seal to ensure its freshness and uncompromised hygiene until it is opened and enjoyed in your own home.

The Love Yourself Meal Box, is available to buy online from £21.00 (daily) at LoveYourself.

One Fine Dine 

Not just another delivery service, One Fine Dine specialises in providing Michelin star quality food to your door, chilled and ready for the final stages of prep, enabling the receiver to practice their culinary plating skills with the help of step-by-step instructions. The new venture is brought to market by Daniel Hulme of On Air Dining - leaders in first-class catering to the elite world of aviation, with over 10 years experience.

Adding an extra bit of fun to the order-in service, One Fine Dine utilises its kitchen of highly skilled chefs to offer an exquisite menu that caters to all tastes and eating habits. Available for delivery around the clock, you'll find breakfast classics, lunch staples, and main courses all carefully crafted with culinary flair to make your dining experience akin to that of a first-class restaurant. The exciting twist is that you (and your dinner guests if you choose) get to execute the final stages of prep which includes that all-important plating up.

Taking the Stress Out of Fine Dining


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