Behavioural Psychologist explains what our pizza-scoffing habits say about your personality

New study shows we’re a nation of ‘conformers’, as a third scoff pizza triangles with their hands

One fifth of Brits opt to roll their pizza up, whereas 1 in 10 prefer to use a knife and fork

Pizza Personalities

Pizza Personalities

Nothing beats a slice of freshly-baked pizza, but have you ever wondered what your eating method says about you? New research commissioned by Goodfella’s Pizza, has unearthed seven different types of pizza-eaters – and over half of respondents (55 per cent) agree that the way you eat your pizza can say a LOT about your personality type.

Leading the charge, is the traditional technique of eating triangle-shaped slices (37 per cent). In a surprising second place, almost a fifth of Brits (16 per cent) choose to scoff their pizza whole, closely followed by those who fold their slices in half and eat them like a sandwich (8 per cent).

Recently sparking a debate for eating pizza with a knife and fork like Holly Willoughby and Phil Schofield, is 6 per cent of the nation, followed by those who choose to eat the middle first and leave the crust (5 per cent). The minority (4 per cent) nibble the crust first followed by the middle – and a mere 2 per cent flip the pizza upside down before tucking in. 

Leading Body Language Expert and Consumer Psychologist, Jo Hemmings, has decoded what these behaviours might say about your personality traits:

1. ‘All or Nothing’ – “Those who choose to eat their pizza whole, know exactly what they want, are vocal about their opinions and aren’t bothered by what others think, so, it’s best not to try changing their minds on a subject – especially the way they eat their pizza! They love getting a slice of the action and standing out from the crowd. One thing is for sure, if you’re friends with an ‘All or Nothing’ type…you’ll never be bored.”

2. ‘Prim & Proper’ - For those who tuck into their pizza with a knife and fork, cut into perfect mouth size pieces, Jo says that this means they are traditionalists. “People who eat their pizza with a knife and fork tend to be fair, honest and sincere. Given that they’re great listeners and have a reliable nature, the ‘Prim & Proper’ is just the type of person you will want to talk to if you have a problem and need some friendly, but frank, advice. Just make sure you mirror their organisation skills, as they don’t like anything last minute.”

3. ‘The Conformer’ - The majority of us choose to tuck into our pizza the most conventional way - cutting it into triangles and eating each slice with our hands. According to Jo, this means you’re a social chameleon. “This type of person is willing to adapt to any situation they find themself in, due to their warm, friendly and affectionate ‘outer crust’. Their eating etiquette may need some work though, as they are likely to be eating their pizza while chatting due to ‘The Conformer’s’ love for the sociability factor of sharing a pizza. Eating etiquette aside, with their optimistic outlook, they make great people to hang out with if you’re feeling down. 

4. ‘The Reverser’ – “People who believe that eating the crust first and finishing with the triangle’s point are typically, confident, self-assured and patient. They are a fairly chilled character, generally with low levels of anxiety and rarely getting angry. They tend to still be planners rather than being spontaneous; because they’re the kind of person to enjoy the organising and anticipation of an event just as much as the event itself.”

5. ‘Inside Out’ – “AKA pizza criminals who eat the middle of the pizza but leave the crust, are often charismatic, spontaneous people. Having a real zest for life, they want to ‘cheese’ the day. Their decisions can be rather impulsive, so don’t be surprised if you see them choosing an unusual pizza topping! The ‘Inside Out’ personality is quite independent as they are focused and like to venture off to seek new experiences, making them fun to be around.”

6. ‘Neat Freak’ - Those who pretend pizza slices are sandwiches, by folding them in half before consuming them are, “inner perfectionists. Wanting to get the most out of life, typically they have a purpose behind everything they do. They don’t like mess of any sort, but may not let you know if your tidiness habits annoy them, as they are often self-controlled, yet not necessarily assertive. This type of person is happy being sociable, but also enjoys their own company just as much.”

7. ‘Bottoms Up’ - Arguably the most unique way to enjoy a pizza is to flip it upside down. According to Jo, this trait means you’re an adventurous, creative type. “Favouring to be a leader rather than a follower, they are often self-confident, over-achievers who like to do things their own way. Being rather creative, they enjoy expressing themselves and being a bit over dramatic in life. On the flip side, they care about their friends a lot, encouraging them to step their game up when they are not pushing themselves enough and relish when others want to be involved with their own adventures and plans.”

A spokesperson for Goodfella’s Pizza said: “There’s long been some debate around the right way to eat a pizza, so ahead of National Pizza Day, we wanted to find out some more. Our research shows the nation is clearly divided – but the more traditional techniques come out on top. Whatever way you choose to eat your pizza, the most important thing is that you enjoy it and eat it with respect!”

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