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Credit: Frank May/DPA/PA Images

Credit: Frank May/DPA/PA Images

As we head into summer, we are all looking forward to getting out and about. For many of us that will mean eating out with friends and family for the first time in many months. For young people and children with coeliac disease, trusting others to provide gluten free food can make them feel anxious and left out.

That is why Coeliac UK is shining a light on coeliac disease so that no one living gluten free should need to worry about eating out. Take a look at their top tips for eating out and look forward to a fun, out and about gluten free summer.

(Remember to check the current Government guidance on the coronavirus situation before meeting people outside of your household or planning a meal out).

Venue Guide

Coeliac UK’s gluten free Venue Guide and Gluten Free on the Move app lists thousands of venues that provide gluten free options. In the current environment, online venue information may be out of date and venues may not be offering gluten free options when they first re-open. So we suggest that you call the restaurant to check and discuss your dietary requirements. .

Book by phone

Make your booking by phone and let the restaurant know that you have coeliac disease and discuss the gluten free options available.

Talk to your server

Explain to the server that for health reasons your food must be gluten free. Give some specific examples of foods that you must not eat and ask them about the gluten free options available.

Cross contamination

Check with the staff that they understand the need to avoid cross contamination and ask about what processes they have in place to avoid cross contamination, such as using separate fryers and cleaning of utensils and equipment prior to preparing your gluten free dishes..

Gluten Free symbol

Keep an eye out for Coeliac UK’s unique GF symbol displayed in the windows of accredited venues and on their menus to highlight gluten free dishes and for more information check out

Be confident

If you have coeliac disease, you know how important it is that you eat gluten free. So do not be afraid to ask all the questions you feel necessary so that you feel confident that the staff understand your dietary needs.

Visit Coeliac UK #ShineALightOnCoeliac Join Coeliac UK in shining a light on coeliac disease and visit today. Here you will find lots of advice and information to help you to eat out with confidence this summer. Share your great experiences on social media and help Coeliac UK #ShineALIghtOnCoeliac. Don’t forget to tag Coeliac UK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and remember to tag the restaurant in too.

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