Do you get sugar cravings and wonder how to deal with them? Well, fret not, help is at bay! Whatever your wellness goal is for the year, perhaps it’s shedding weight, fighting inflammation or just feeling better overall, a big part of it is nixing sugar.

Food and Drink on Female First

Food and Drink on Female First

Excess sugar can be detrimental to your health, hence why going sugar-free is the solution. Did you know that indulging in sugar-free confectionery has tremendous health benefits? If you're looking for guilt-free desserts, the will-power or urge to curb your sugar intake you may be convinced by the advantages of going sugar-free. Aside from the consequences, it would have on your waistline, mood and appearance, high sugar intake has been generously linked to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, immune deficiencies and other such lifestyle disorders. 

Find out the right reasons for sugar-free eating and the mental or physical benefits that come with it. Here’s a list of wellness-forward chocolate line, and all the motivation you need to break up with the sweet stuff.

1.  Improve your energy, feel less lethargic.

Excess sugar does slow you down, it instantly raises your blood sugar levels.  However, this is not the case when you are eating sugar-free instead you end up loading on antioxidants, fibre, vitamins, water and proteins fuelling your brain and your body. A natural spring in your step, not lugging yourself from one sugar fix to the next. We are convinced! Start your breakfast on a healthy and tasty note with some healthy chocolate nut spread!

2. Improve your dental or oral health.

Sugar robs your teeth of major nutrients and causes dental disorders. If you or your tiny tots cannot curb sugar cravings, it’s time to switch to sugar-free sweets. Sugar increases the growth of bacteria that may cause cavities. Also, if you are unable to brush and floss after a sweet treat, sugar-free sweets can be your go-to! The sweetener, in sugar-free sweets such as Maltitol, helps reduce tooth decay. Talk about sweet treats already!

3. For Mental Clarity

Excess sugar can lead to memory loss, lack of concentration, depression and nervousness, disturbances in the brain's chemistry or brain fog. Opt for sugar-free cookies to make your break-time or high tea healthier. Sugar-free cookies with a cuppa tea or coffee during office hours or brekkie can uplift your mood and help you focus better.

4. Antioxidant filled snack time with power-packed chocolates.

The melting of brown chocolates in your mouth is akin to being in love, releasing endorphins or the feel-good hormones. The regular chocolates can be calorie-laden and make your sugar high, however, sugar-free chocolates can have more antioxidants than red wine or even green tea. Sugar-free chocolates are great for your heart, blood pressure, diabetes and prevent stroke. What better way to deal with hunger pangs than with sugar-free chocolate bars packed with superfoods like goji berries, hazelnuts, peanuts and coconut! Chocoholics take note…

5. Healthy snacking controls cravings.

Need an automatic energy boost? Muesli bars are the perfect addition to your must-have snack list. However regular energy bars may be loaded with sugar, sugar-free muesli bars is powerhouse energy bar sans the dreaded sugar. Sugar-free Muesli bars should be your best bet for desk drawer snacks or backpacks for mid-noon morale and energy boost. Beyond having no added sugar they are loaded with the goodness of berries, yoghurt, fruits, nuts and other fine ingredients. And just like that you have the benefit of fiber, healthy fats and essential nutrients in a bar.  

6. Manage Weight

Don’t we all enjoy an occasional piece of cake? But a sinful, chocolate cake may do us more harm than good. Average chocolate cakes can cause sleep deprivation, migraine, weight gain and constipation due to the refined sugar. A sugar-laden cake can actually be replaced with sugar-free chocolate cakes.

Indulge in a sugar-free cake to perk up your mood, maintain your hourglass figure and indulge your sweet tooth without compromising on the rich taste. Sugar-free cakes can be perfect for kid’s birthdays or health-conscious chocolate cake lovers, healthy that you can even have it for breakfast. What's nicer than to share generous slices of chocolate cake with your kith n kin that is unlikely to have any impact on health?

7. Improve your appearance.

Want to look wafer-thin? Ditch the regular wafers packed with sugar, instead befriend the no added sugar wafers when hunger strikes. Avoid sugar face, which would mean wafers or food packed with sugar causing wrinkles, acne or blemishes. Gift yourself sugar-free wafers and say hello to the perks of less-sugar life and younger-looking skin.

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