Call of Duty Black Ops 6’ is almost definitely on the horizon after an announcement was made by Treyarch.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 6 Seems To Be On The Way

Call Of Duty Black Ops 6 Seems To Be On The Way

The next mainline game in the long-running first-person shooter franchise – which appears to be titled ‘Call of Duty Black Ops 6’ rather than ‘Black Ops 5’ as was initially thought to be the case – seems to be going ahead as developer Treyarch confirmed the appearance of Sally pistols in ‘Warzone’.

The Sally is a specific type of the 9mm Daemon Pistol when in Akimbo mode and in order for fans to use this weapon in ‘Modern Warfare 3’ and ‘Warzone’, they will have to locate it as ground loot in battle royale ‘Warzone’ and acquire one kill using it.

The company took to the social media platform X to respond to a series of tweets of players discovering the Sally Pistols.

It has long been a mystery what the name of the next game in the series would be. Some titles that were suggested included ‘Black Ops Gulf War’ and ‘Black Ops 5’. However, Activision appears to have settled on ‘Black Ops 6’ seeing as this year’s edition will be the sixth in the series.

However, it is thought that ‘Black Ops Cold War’ - which was released in 2020 – may be considered as ‘Black Ops 5’.

It has been suggested that ‘Black Ops 6’ will take place during the Gulf War, with additional references to the aftermath of the Cold War. It is also believed that the new game will focus on more traditional combat items instead of the more advanced technology that some of the recent games have included.

The first-person shooter is set to release towards the end of 2024 and it is expected that fans will get a first glimpse of it at the Xbox showcase in June.

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