Nintendo has run out of parts to fix broken Wii U consoles.

Nintendo out of parts for Wii U consoles

Nintendo out of parts for Wii U consoles

The 2012 follow up to the hugely successful Wii was troubled from the beginning and was discontinued in 2015, with all production ceasing in 2016.

Now it has been revealed that the existing console's days are numbered as the Japanese gaming conglomerate has no more parts to fit broken Wii U devices.

In 2017 it was replaced by the Nintendo Switch, which has been a huge success.

Back in February, it was revealed that the Switch has sold more than 139 million units.

The console is now the company's second-highest-selling device, dwarfing sales of the Wii and Nintendo 3DS, and trailing behind the original DS.

In a previously published financial update, the industry leader revealed that it had seen grown across the board when compared to last year.

The report also highlighted that the Nintendo Switch OLED, which released in 2021, had sold the most consoles in FY (Fiscal Year) 2024, when compared to the original and the Lite models.

Nintendo will be looking to replicate the console's success with the highly-anticipated Switch 2 device.

According to reports from Taiwan's Economic Daily, the second generation console will come with a handful of massive upgrades, including a higher refresh rate 120Hz display, meaning gameplay will be smoother. The publisher also claimed that the Switch 2's internal storage will be doubled from 32GB to 64GB, allowing players to install more games without the hassle of needing to delete older titles.

It has also been claimed that the console will be opting for an LCD display rather than an OLED screen, and will cost $400 - $100 more than the 2021 device.