10 Female Gambling Addiction Stories

Gambling addiction

Gambling addiction

Gambling is an entertainment that is at the peak of its popularity today. It enables people to get distracted from their problems, as well as to earn money. However, some users often forget the rules of responsible gambling, thus losing control over themselves. This problem is relevant not only for men but also for women of different ages. In this article, we will share 10 sad stories of female gamblers and tips on how to avoid their mistakes and play safely.

Gambling Addiction: Basic Points

Gambling addiction is a common disorder related to gambling or computer entertainment. This problem became especially prevalent when they started to use cloud technology in gaming. Since then, it has been actively studied to reduce the number of patients and prevent new people from suffering from this disease. Various methods are used for this purpose, such as responsible gambling rules.

Another way involves shooting female gambling movies. Today, movies are often capable of raising issues experienced by women due to gambling (more information about it can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gambling). This is not done to reduce the attractiveness of such entertainment but to demonstrate the natural consequences of people's improper attitude to slots and poker. For example, "Twenty-One" is a movie with Katherine Bosworth as the gambling movie female lead. It shows that playing blackjack to make money can have the opposite effect: not to help solve problems but to add new ones.

Games Of Chance: Female Gambling Addiction Stories

To understand how dangerous casino gambling can be, you should consider real stories of women who once decided to gamble. You can read 10 different stories from girls whose gambling experience became quite sad.


Nancy started gambling for fun but the possibility of getting easy money quickly occupied her mind. The girl registered at one establishment, opened a credit line, played until she ran out of money, and started all over again. It came to the point that she spent about 75 thousand pounds on bets while having a debt of another 25 thousand pounds. After this, she sought specialist help.


Kerry had never been interested in gambling until she met her boyfriend. He suggested to her that they could place online sports bets together - one pound each. However, the game began to drag on to the extent that she spent several hours every day in front of the computer. Suddenly she realized that she was in a lot of debt because of her "hobby", and afterward she realized that she was addicted.


An entertainment costing half a million dollars - that is how disappointing the experience was for Christine. However, the worst part was not the loss of money but the personality devastation. She recalls that when her mother was hospitalized, she came home to get her things but instead of looking for clothes, she sat down at a slot machine. She won $1,200 dollars then but lost something more - the trust of her loved ones.


Bev lived with her husband and children, yet, personal problems forced her to look for alternative methods of earning money. She decided that gambling was quick fun, and before she knew it, she became addicted. Bev was only interested in one thing - getting even. Unfortunately, the addiction was not overcome immediately, it took about three years.


Tracy was responsible for the household finances in her family, so she always had access to money. This played a cruel joke on her the moment she became addicted to online gambling. Initially, she placed small bets but her desire to get more winnings made her change her strategy. As a result, her losses amounted to about 50 thousand dollars in two years of playing.


Stacey had a high-paying job but she often spent her time online. One day she came across gambling and decided it was a great way to have fun. The amount of money to gamble quickly became so large that her paycheck was no longer enough. She took out one loan after another (read more about it at https://www.britannica.com/money/credit) until she realized her debt was $100,000.


Linda never liked gambling but her boyfriend's frequent casino winnings made her change her mind. She also started to play in online establishments. However, she went into a loss quite quickly. Due to the continuous desire to win back, she lost a large amount of money, as well as her boyfriend.


Michelle placed bets in casinos while keeping it a secret from her husband, spending more and more money on it every day. She realized that bad things were happening to her but could not confess to him. Only after a year, the woman was able to "reveal her cards". However, instead of the expected criticism, she got the support that helped her overcome her addiction.


Amanda loved thrills since childhood. In adulthood, she found it in gambling and high bets. The feeling of happiness at getting a win overshadowed her mind, so just a few months after starting her gambling she realized that she was addicted. Fortunately, the girl quickly overcame the burden and no longer bets with money.


This girl was treated for gambling addiction together with her husband. Unfortunately, this story is quite common when one partner "infects" the other. Over the years of their addiction, they lost money, friends, and family trust. However, the help of specialists helped them to regain interest in life without gambling.

It should be noted that experts often recommend focusing on demo versions of slots when treating gambling addiction. They enable to:

  • get a dose of thrills;
  • avoid spending money on hobbies.

One of the examples is the Jammin Jars demo slot. It is offered to test on this page with free coins. It helped Michelle deal with her problem.

In conclusion, it is important to say that you should not be afraid of gambling. Just approach it with a cool head. You don't need to wager or start betting just to make money. First, try demo versions of slots that can be found on the SlotsUp website because this way you can save your family's budget.

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