Global demand for the humble beanbag is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. While we generally associate beanbags with kids’ playrooms, more and more adults are buying them to lounge around on. Nothing quite beats the feeling of sitting on a beanbag with a drink and a snack after a long day in the office or at work.



In this article, we look at the top 5 reasons why you need a beanbag in your life:

          1. They’re super versatile

Possibly the most versatile piece of furniture you’ll ever own, beanbags are ideal for lounging in the conservatory, for cuddling up on in the lounge in front of a movie – or even for catching some rays on outside, in the dry summer months.

Beanbags are also great for whipping out when an unexpected guest arrives, or an impromptu party kicks off. Not enough spaces on the sofa? No probs, your guests can park their bottoms on a beanbag instead.

          2. Easy to clean

Beanbags are remarkably easy to clean. Some of them have removable covers that can be washed. Others don’t have removable covers, but can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove any stains or marks on them.

Our top tip is to avoid lighter colours like beige if you want your beanbag to look newer for longer.

          3. You can refill them

After a couple of years you might find your favourite beanbag no longer feels as plump as it once did. And that’s OK! The material used to fill beanbags can become compacted over time.

How long your beanbag will last before it starts to feel a bit flat will depend on lots of different factors. These include how often your beanbag is used, how heavy you are, and also how gentle you and other users are. If the kids are practising their diving technique from the sofa or dinner table onto your favourite beanbag, then you can expect the filling to become flatter, quicker.

          4. Easy to move

Beanbags are versatile, we’ve already covered that point. But they’re also really easy to move round because they weigh very little. That means if you need to store it in the attic, or take it from the lounge to your garden, you don’t need to assemble a small team of powerlifters – like you would if you wanted to move an armchair, or a sofa perhaps.

Beanbags are super versatile and super portable. Which is great news, and super convenient.

          5. Pets love them too!

It’s not just humans that find beanbags super comfy to kick back and relax on – pets do too! That’s why lots of beanbag brands cater specifically for pets nowadays, with pet beanbags and pillows coming in an array of shapes and sizes – aimed at dogs, cats and an array of different animals.

You might not have given it much thought until now, but we’re sure you’ll agree that everyone needs at least one beanbag in their life!