Here at Field Gate Flowers, we are busy cutting our blooms for weddings.

Is your Garden Summer Ready?

Is your Garden Summer Ready?

We can’t wait to get back to these and hit the ground running. Do follow us on Instagram where we will be sharing lots of beautiful photographs of British Blooms in action 

Here are the top seven things to do in your garden in July:


  1.  To stop it getting too hot in your green house, use shade netting or paints. You can also water paths to help to cool things down. There is a new paint that you can paint on and peel off from Thorndown and we have experimented with this.


2.  Cut lavender and statice for drying, hang them upside down, they will keep their colour better if you pick them early.


 3.  Prune wisteria back to 7 buds on wispy growth – you can prune again back to 2 buds in February to maximise flowering next May.


4.  Time to start taking semi-ripe cuttings, where the stems are starting to harden and become woodier – try Verbena, salvias, Lavender, rosemary.


5.  Watch for mildew, which can be worst in times of drought and water stress, try to ensure that plants receive water before they dry out.


6.  Disbud dahlias and stake them, if necessary, deadhead roses and divide iris’s


7. Sow biennials, foxgloves, honesty, forget-me-nots, and wallflowers, for flowers next year.


But above all enjoy your garden. Take time to sit back and appreciate all your hard work!

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