With schools soon to break up the UK summer holiday season is officially beginning. Whilst this can mean package holidays abroad or day trips to theme parks it can also mean a lovely vacation to the UK coastline. Beach huts have long been a staple of the UK seaside. Emma Watson of Towergate Insurance gives her guide to the UKs top 10 beach huts.

Home and Garden on Female First

Home and Garden on Female First

Hut 1: 'Indian Summer' - Southcliff, Walton-on-the-Naze

This beautiful hut, named Indian Summer in a nod to its themed interior, is a truly stand-out beach hut. With its Buddha theme and the use of deep burgundies and golds, it emanates opulence, calm, and total relaxation for anyone visiting. The owners like to use the beach hut personally to relax and rewind after a busy week. The couple have not owned the hut for very long, but knew that they wanted to create a hut that really had something different about it. The Buddha theme was inspired, not only by relaxation and serenity, but by their favourite London hotel which decorates each room with a different theme. Indian Summer is rented out to guests seeking relaxation through their 'boutique beach huts' business, and the owners deliver picnics, afternoon teas, a chef for the day, spa treatments and even physic readings to create a luxury and tranquil atmosphere.

Hut 2: 'No. 2', The Leas, Minster-on-Sea, Sheerness, Kent

The owner of this lovely beach hut 'No. 2' has been no stranger to beach huts during her life having spent her childhood summers in a beach hut on the Isle of Sheppey. Two years ago the owner of this hut was cycling the desolate and unused end of The Leas, and spotted the foundations of new beach huts starting to appear. A pilot project was to take place, and the owner was extremely excited to be offered the chance to rent one. The hut has been decorated in a beautiful pink and blue theme, with homemade bunting and curtains adorning the interior and a mini kitchen being fitted as well. In what was once a desolate space, 'No. 2' is now host to afternoon teas with Pimms, fish and chip dinners between old school chums and work colleagues, and birthdays and celebrations for friends and family. The hut overlooks the 'Richard Mongomery', an American liberty ship that sank in World War 2, and therefore the hut contains a little bit of interesting history to complement its rustic, quixotic style.

Hut 3: 'Hut 19a', Hove Seafront, East Sussex

The interior of this hut stands out for the way it is fantastically adorned with lots of eccentric and quirky accessories. This hut is put to worthy, philanthropic use with MacMillan Charity using the hut to offer very ill patients some respite and care. The bright lime green and pink colours of the hut stand out on the Hove seafront and a curiously vintage twist. The hut has even entertained several famous people over the years, including Greg Rusedski, and it has also hosted a wedding reception.

Hut 4: 'No. 289', Hordle Cliff, Milford on Sea, Hampshire

The coastal village of Milford on Sea plays host to this wonderful hut which instantly evokes calm and tranquillity. This hut is family owned and used by three generations of the same family who are all inspired by their grandfathers love for the sea. This hut has withstood many storms and has also survived a World War. It is the only beach hut along the Hordle Cliff that wasn't dismantled on the outbreak of the Second World War. Indeed it served as a coastal look-out point for potential invasion. This is a stand out beach hut for its place in British history, its idyllic location, and its welcoming blue and white stripes.

Hut 5: 'Millie's Beach Huts', Southcliff Parade, Walton-on-the-Naze

Millie's Beach Huts are two fabulously kitsch huts owned by a business woman who rents them out to families or couples who are wanting to relax and unwind, or to have a day out with the kids. The huts are equipped with fabulous hand-crafted goods and everything you need for a day by the sea, which has involved working with local businesses to make them truly unique. The owner continues to work with different local businesses including a local caterer who can hand-deliver cupcakes, picnics and afternoon tea for people hiring Millie's Beach Huts.

Hut 6: 'No. 295', Hordle Cliffs, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire - Momentum

By the tiny postcard seaside village of Milford-on-Sea, you will find a little green beach hut nestled along the coastline. Momentum, the children's cancer charity based in Kingston-upon-Thames, owns this beach hut and provides a sanctuary for families that have a child suffering with cancer or a life-limiting illness. The charity believes this is an opportunity for families to make precious memories in this stunning little emerald jewell, perched proudly on the pebbles. The hut offers blissful tranquillity to families that need it most, and the tranquillity is reflected in its stunning interior, which radiates peace and glamour.

Hut 7: 'The Little Beach Hut of Dreams', King's Esplanade, Hove

Imagine a tiny bolthole with an uninterrupted view of the sea, where you can escape to dream about the life you want. Imagine having a whole day to ponder and plan, to watch the waves or stare at the huge empty sky. Welcome to the Little Beach Hut of Dreams where the owner kindly invites her online community to borrow the hut for the day for free as 'Dreamers-in-Residence', so that they can write their book, plan a life change and dream in a carefully styled, restful and inspiring space. Complete with a shelf of books, a camera, bubbles, stamps and a journal - everything the owner believes you need to dream - this hut is a precious incubator for new ideas, inspired by the English seaside.

Hut 8: 'Underwood', West Prom, Brightlingsea, Colchester, Essex

Underwood is a beach hut which has been in the same family for almost 100 years. The owner, remembers childhood summers spent with her Grandmother, and in turn her children spent theirs with her parents there. The floods of 2013 washed the hut away, but the family pulled together and spent many weekends painting a brand new one, with pink and white stripes. The new hut, 'Underwood', is named after a family member.

Hut 9: 'The Daisy Hut', Southcliffe Parade, Walton on the Naze, Essex

The Daisy Hut is a fabulous, sunny yellow beach hut located on a beautiful new development. This hut is extra special as it is named in memory of the owner's daughter, Daisy, who died from brain cancer on her 7th birthday. The family also give 10% of all takings to charity in Daisy's memory. The hut, whilst brand new, is built in traditional style complete with a cute porthole and decking. It has been beautifully decorated with gorgeous florals and stripes and contains everything you need for a wonderful day at the seaside, including a kettle for making that essential cup of tea! The hut is situated in Southcliffe Parade, with a wonderful golden sandy beach, a nearby pier for entertainment and enough space and privacy on its large decking area to avoid the hustle and bustle of the main promenade.

Hut 10: 'Salty Paws', East Beach, Sheringham, North Norfolk

Salty Paws is a newly built beach hut which had to be constructed from scratch by the owners after a terrible storm destroyed the beach hut that used to stand in the same spot. The inspiration for the new hut came from the sea itself - after the cruel storm ruined the old hut, the owners wanted to depict the sea at its best, with calm waters, seagulls, and blue skies. They named the new hut 'Salty Paws' after their dogs, who equally enjoy the hut with their sea toys - kept on special little dog height hooks. The hut is now used by the owners to entertain friends, and to sit and watch the world go by. Salty Paws is a stand-out feature on the beach with its beautiful blue and white striped exterior, and an interior which exudes everything associated with a British seaside.

Bonus Hut: 'Betty', Victoria Esplanade, Mersea Island

Originally purchased as a beach hut to be used by the family, "Betty" is now rented out by the owner to friends and family, and has even grown into a business called 'The Little Beach Hut Company', where beach hut enthusiasts or those looking to try out a beach hut for the first time can enjoy all that "Betty" has to offer. Betty is also let out to a number of local charities free of charge, and the owner regularly gives vouchers to Great Ormond Street Hospital to be auctioned. Betty is the ideal location for people in need of rest and relaxation, as Victoria Esplanade makes for a wonderfully therapeutic atmosphere. All who visit Betty can enjoy whiling away the hours in this gorgeous beach haven. Betty has been renovated and styled to be comfortable and relaxing and has a shabby-chic retro, vintage interior, with all items sourced from local charity shops. Betty even has a chandelier for that extra special touch.

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