The real estate industry is no easy game, and that's a fact. The current markets are filled with self-proclaimed experts and advice on shortcuts to success. In reality, things go a little differently. Long-lasting careerists have strong networks, are well-informed about the ins and outs of the industry, and have a strong mentor helping them lead the way.

Winning in Real Estate Amela Smailbegovic

Winning in Real Estate Amela Smailbegovic

According to US Census data, over 2.3 million real estate businesses are actively operating in the USA in 2022. Adding to that, despite the volatility of spending trends in the past few years, the number of properties sold has been rising each year. As per Statista, over 6 million properties were sold in 2021, showing a 7% growth from 2020. With a market of this size, standing out from the competitors might be one of the most significant challenges agents and business owners face.

Knowing your market

Amela Smailbegovic, an industry expert operating out of Florida, USA, says that work always comes to those who keep their head down and work at it. With the current market size, anyone could make money in the industry, but not many have a scalable and sustainable plan. Her approach revolves around answering market demand by segmenting the business through locations and genuinely focusing on the people.

For her, that broad dogma is the key to success – and will bring six, and seven-figure deals your way. Having a top team in the industry is no easy feat. Smailbegovic has achieved that and more – her team of 10 high-performing agents produces over 30 million a year. Her team does both commercial and residential properties and continues to thrive.

With more than 15 years of experience doing real estate, Amela now expanded her business internationally, working in Europe and the USA. She found success in both markets – her home country, Croatia, and Orlando, Las Vegas, and Hawaii in the USA being her main hubs.

Mental toughness is a must

Smailbegovic, being a high performer in a male-dominated industry, would know how to deal with prejudice and stay true to her core beliefs. As fate would have it, being born in a war-torn country, her family migrated to the USA during the conflict, and her road to success has been paved with hard work and dedication.

Her main advice relies on staying consistent and pushing through hardships. Learning to remain resilient to change, personally and professionally, is crucial. Smailbegovic points out: "Many people are not mentally tough. Mental toughness is 50% of the battle."

Beating yourself in the ‘mental game’

She stays very grounded in her core beliefs. Smailbegovic says that new generations, her own not excluded, easily get lost in the clouds with social media taking over significant portions of their lives. For her, a true legacy is tangible and not virtual. Knowing who you are and what values you stand for is one of the best strengths a person can possess.

When validation from others is not essential for your success, you can quickly move forward and stay focused. That is how you start working on becoming one of the top people in your field. Once you can get behind yourself and your business without any doubt – business will start chasing you, not the other way around.


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