The age of T-shirts dates back to when people simply wore them as an undergarment. This has now, over the years, moved up the ranks of designer clothes. Still, a few are not open to the idea of wearing T-shirts or just need to learn how to style them to look modern and great. You can wear t-shirts with different designs to make them more interesting. If you want to learn new ways to style your t-shirt, this guide will interest you.

Fruit Of The Loom 'T' shirts

Fruit Of The Loom 'T' shirts

This article will focus on five ways to stylefruit of the loom vintage T-shirt.

1. Tucked in

Fruit of the Loom T-shirts can be worn tucked in with other clothing pieces in several ways. The first of which is pairing it with a high-waisted-jean trouser. To pull this off, tuck the edge of the shirt into the trousers. Then the T-shirt will be held in place by the trouser band or a belt.

You could also tuck it into a jumpsuit, ankle- or knee-length or spaghetti-strapped dress. A T-shirt that will blend with each of them is great for days when you don't want to open your bare shoulders but do not want too much clothing at the same time.

They could also be dressed down by pairing them with slacks on days you want to look casual. An excellent way for males to style this would be to tuck it in either office trousers, chinos, or jeans paired with a shoe; you are ready to go for a casual Friday.

2. A french Tuck

This look originated in France; it simply involves tucking in the front of your T-shirt or shirt into high-rise trousers while letting it loose at the back. This style is perfect for your baggy and extra-large Loom vintage T-shirt. When done correctly, it is a definite yes for a casual day.

A mini French Tuck is tucking in just a little bit of the front of your shirt. This style is fantastic because you can wear it in a full french Tuck or a corner tuck. The latter is more recommended, especially for Tees, if your T-shirt is shorter than the style requires.

A french Tuck emphasizes your physical features, such as your waist, and makes your legs appear longer. Also, you want to bear in mind the weight of your Loom T-shirt; it shouldn't be too heavy. Also and your trousers shouldn't be a low-waisted type. Otherwise, you end up with a misproportioned-looking French Tuck.

It can be tough to pull off this look but once you understand it, you’ll enjoy it. always check the button placket to ensure that it is well centered. it may puff up a bit, but you can easily straighten it by tapping on the area.

3. Rolled up sleeves

This style is said to have originated from the military, it was peculiar to the marines, who would roll up their sleeves to keep warm due to the warm weather, and it dates back to the 1950s.

A rolled-up sleeve would often pass across different types of messages depending on the setting. From you not wanting to get your shirt dirty to you feeling hot, it depends on the setting. Recently, it has adopted new meanings and may even be used as a fashion statement.

As simple as it sounds, this style is more challenging than one might think, as there are a few tricks to getting the signature perfect roll. Here are a few pointers to bear in mind.

  • You want to roll, not fold. This is a common mistake many people make ;
  • Don't roll too high ;
  • Make sure both rolled-up sleeves match, as you want to avoid one sleeve hanging high and the other resting lower.

4. Baggy

Baggy T-shirts have existed since the old school days and have been worn as an indoor outfit for relaxation and freedom. Over the years, just like other clothes or style that were not regular has evolved into trending styles, baggy T-shirts remain trendy.

If your Loom vintage T-shirt comes in either extra large or Baggy, try wearing it off the shoulder. Particularly for women with a lean figure, this will make your neck and collarbone stand out while looking attractive. It could also be paired with a blazer, an excellent look for informal and semi-formal occasions.

Rolled up sleeves earlier stated above is a great way to style your baggy tees. You can accompany it with a knot either a little above the belly button or just on the belly button, making it look like a crop top. A belt to the waist is another way of wearing oversized shirts, especially in fun colors like purple, red and green.

5. Underneath a shirt

On a boy's night out, wearing your Loom tees underneath a shirt, particularly a plain one, gives you that smart yet casual look. It is also perfect for informal settings such as picnics or date nights when you don't want to look too dressed. This style became famous as the likes of Marlon Brando and James Dean started to wear them around.

Loom T-shirts can also be undershirts to retain sweat and keep your putter shirts free of armpit stains. In addition, they can serve as extra layers of covering for you on a cold day as you can wear them underneath a suit and its long sleeve shirt.

Lastly, the Fruit of the Loom vintage T-shirt is available in varieties of colors that make choosing a style for it in more fun. These lovely T-shirts are made from HD cotton and add depth and texture to your outfit.


T-shirts are back in fashion and great for those on a budget. You can easily style your style to fit the trend or start a new one. It does not matter what colors you like; there are always available options to choose from. Follow the tips in this guide for ideas to make your t-shirt fashion stand out.


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