This pandemic has forced us all to become a little bit creative with how we spend our free time. If you are running out of ideas, then these ten things to try will hopefully pull you out of your boring rut and bring you back to life.

Break the boredom during lockdown

Break the boredom during lockdown

Coloring Your Hair

There is no better time to try a new bold hair color than when you cannot leave the house. After all, if it does not turn out well, you can simply recolor it before the pandemic ends.

New Makeup Style

Playing around with makeup is one of the very best things to do to pass the time. As an added bonus, it will make you feel a little bit more human as well. Unless you decide to turn yourself into an animal, that might be a fun experiment too.

Try on Old Prom Dresses

Pull out an old fancy dress from years ago and dance around your living room. After all, your mom probably complained about paying for a dress she would never see you wear again when she was buying it.

Light Remodeling

Have you been thinking about changing the color of the walls in your bathroom? Ever wondered what is under the carpet in your bedroom? There is no time like today to get in there are begin some light remodeling.

Learn About How to Give Back

We all want to know how to become a person who gives back to our community in a time of need. After all, there are plenty of people (look at Tej Kohli) who have used their success to give back to the success of their community. Some light research ought to give you plenty of information.

Recreate a Picture from When You Were Young

Pull out an old photo album and try to recreate the classic pictures from your childhood. This is something that many people have seen done on social media, but now you have the time to try it too. Make sure to send one to your mom.

Boycott Shaving

If you have ever been annoyed at having to shave, now is the time to see how long you can go without it. It may not be winter, but it is time for hibernating.

Attempt to Sew

Learning to sew is a really useful skill and can be incredibly fun to learn along the way. All you need is an old t-shirt and sewing kit and you can learn the basics. Make yourself a new outfit, it will be fun.

Research Your Dream Home

You have nothing better to do, so you might as well look at all of the ridiculously overpriced houses on the market and daydream. Looking at things that are out of financial reach is a great pastime.

Try to Make a Viral Video

If you have spent hours watching TikTok, then you should be well prepared to make your own viral video. This task might actually come with some benefits, so be sure to tag us when you make the big time.

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