We’ve all been there, you’re getting ready to go out but you’re caught in the dilemma of what to wear. Wardrobe doors flung open and all those hangers draped with the same old clothes you see everyday- it’s hard to know what to choose. Well, I am here to help. I am going to introduce a series all about the Capsule Wardrobe. I’ll be giving you tips and tricks on how to gather your own collection of timeless pieces which can be styled differently to create brand new outfits and fit any season. Take the plunge, your wardrobe will thank you later. 

All images courtesy of Pixabay

All images courtesy of Pixabay

The Benefits

The rise of fast fashion has seen us keep up with the ever evolving trends for a fraction of the price but it can be hard to keep up with these changes, not to mention the environmental factors which fast fashion contributes to. By opening your (wardrobe) doors to a Capsule Wardrobe it will not only benefit you but Mother Nature will love you for it. 

The idea of a capsule wardrobe is to cut down on the amount of clothes you buy and whittle them down to 30-50 classic pieces which can be styled anyway you like. So no more panic buying outfits for that night out and extra money on cocktails. 

The Big Clear Out

That’s right, we’re doing a spring clean of your wardrobe in winter. Get your bin bags at the ready because it’s time to throw away those old clothes. Now, do not go crazy throwing away everything, take time with each item and think ‘when did I last wear this?’ If it’s been a year or more get rid. The likelihood of you putting it on is very low if you haven’t worn it for that long- you won’t miss it. 

Like Marie Kondo once said ‘if it doesn’t spark joy when it is touched the person should thank it for being a part of life and then donate or trash it.’ So don’t forget to thank those pieces of clothes that have been in your life for a long time and then throw them into that bag! 

Make sure to wipe out and even Febreeze your wardrobe to give that extra special welcome for your new arrivals, they deserve the first class treatment. 

Now that the hard work is over it’s time to treat yourself with some shopping.  So get the laptop out, pour yourself a glass of your favourite tipple and let’s get this online shopping party started. 

Where Do I Start?

You now have your blank canvas, it’s time to fill it with some everlasting pieces. 

Each week I will focus on one genre of clothing and recommend the must haves for your collection. The colour scheme is very neural so it is easy to mix and match and create an outfit perfect for every occasion. 

Don’t worry I won’t just be focusing on clothes. There will be articles dedicated to bags and jewellery which are a staple to anyone’s wardrobe as they can make or break an outfit. 

Started from the Bottom Now We’re Here 

From long skirts, to baggy jeans, to leather leggings, bottoms are the perfect place to start as your outfit can be based on them. It’s all about finding the right look for YOU. Whether it’s a casual or glamorous look you’re going for bottoms set the scene for any look. 

Your Capsule:

Blue Mom Jeans 

Black Skinny Jeans 

Leather Trousers/Leggings

Denim Shorts 

Long Pencil Skirt

Mini Skirt


Get on Your Dancing Shoes 

You can never have too many shoes so make sure you add these to your collection. Expand on your shoe empire and step out in style. 

Your Capsule:

Chunky Boots 

Knee High Boots 

Chunky Trainers 

Strappy Heels

It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll) 

Tops come in every size, shape and colour so it’s hard to know which ones you need to pick up. Get back to basics and choose plain block colours to add that finishing touch to an outfit. 

Your Capsule:

White Shirt 

White T-Shirt

Black T-Shirt 

Black BodySuit 

Cropped Jumper 

Oversized Jumper 

Coat of Many Colours

Another must-have staple especially in the unpredictable UK weather. Adding a mix of bulky and light jackets to your collection will make you fit for any climate. 

Your Capsule:

Long Duster Coat 

Puffer Jacket 



No Diggity, I Gotta Bag it up 

Just like shoes you can never go overboard with handbags. Cross body bags can make your outfit go from casual to edgy when paired with joggers and a jumper. Make sure to add this straight to your bag. 

Your Capsule:

Cross Body Bag 

Minimal Shoulder Bag

You are Gold, Always Believe in Your Soul

Who could turn down jewellery? It definitely sparks some joy into our lives. Gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, the list is endless and so are the possibilities to take your style to the next level. 

Your Capsule

Gold Hoops 

Gold Ring 

Chain Necklace 

Make sure to look for part 2 of the series as I will be helping you find the perfect bottoms to add to your capsule. 

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