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It may seem very premature to even mention the word ‘autumn’ as summer has only just begun. However I like to think it is better to stay one step ahead of everybody else and jump on the fashion trends so you are ultra prepared. Celebrities and models all stay ahead of the game hence why they are always on trend, they have the latest fashion updates all ready for the next season. There are many trends from last year that are still being passed on to this year which seems to be a move that most designers take, however each year they tweak them ever so slightly. I have compiled the 6 most must have looks you need to have ready and waiting in your wardrobe for September, and also the best ways to style them to look fresh off the catwalk.

Image credit: Unsplash

Image credit: Unsplash

Sweater Vests

From watching many, many chick flicks such as ‘Clueless’ and ‘The Hot Chick’ it is clear to see that this trend has come back with avengence. Inspired by nineties fashion the sweater vest will be making a comeback this fall and if ‘Cher Horowitz’ is wearing it then there is no room to argue with that fashionista, it must be on trend. I would recommend opting for a neutral vest and a more colourful checkered pattern. With the neutral vest, it would be perfect for an office look, add a white shirt underneath with a long gold chain, black fitted trousers and a pair of heeled loafers for a sophisticated look. If you are feeling a bit more edgy why not try a colourful checkered pattern and match the vest to a skirt, to really deliver on the 90’s feel. I would recommend pairing this with a pair of heels and long socks for a daring look.

Anything Lilac

Throughout spring it seems that any pastel colour has been given the seal of approval by designers from baby blues to light pinks the colour palette has been divine. Luckily, lilac is still on the cards this Fall and it will be appearing all over catwalks so don’t be retiring those spring clothes just yet. As you can get lilac in most styles of clothing, I recommend making sure to have a knitted dress for those colder days which can be styled up with heels or down with boots. I would also recommend investing in a matching jumper and shorts lilac set, it would be perfect for lounging or running errands - also it would be so easy to style just add a pair of white trainers and you are good to go.

Leopard Print Jackets

Fancy taking a walk on the wild side? If leopard print is your thing then you will be loving the fashion for this autumn. This pattern is classic and never goes out of fashion so what better way to make a statement than in a full fur leopard print coat? Or how about a short puffer jacket? Even a leopard print denim jacket! I would recommend opting for a fur coat and a trench coat with this pattern as they make a statement and can be easily styled. It is best to stick to black or bold primary colours such as red or blue when matching leopard print as you do not want to take the attention away from your coat.

Quilted Vibes

As the weather drops in the autumn it is easy to want to stay wrapped up in your quilt relashing in the warmth wishing you could wear your quilt every day. Well, it just so happens that quilted material is a major trend for this year. I would opt for a large oversized quilted jacket so you feel as if you’re floating on cloud 9, you can add jeans and boots for an edgy autumn look. A long line jacket is also perfect for this fall, paired with long boots and a signature bag for that ultra chic look. I mean, who could turn down wearing a quilt to work?

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As the autumn is so close to the party season it is only right that there is some sparkle thrown into the mix. Be a real life disco ball in a long line sparkly dress fit for the dance floor, add a pair of strappy heels and a sparkly bag to match for the perfect evening look. Chanel your inner Kim Kardashian and opt for a super slinky chainmail look dress, it looks so simple and effortless yet will have all eyes turned on you. If a statement dress is not your thing style a sparkly clutch bag to any outfit to add some spice to your outfit, you can also add a hint of sparkle by opting for encrusted shoes.

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