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I know it may seem a bit early to be even discussing Halloween as it is over a month away however it is September and that means autumn is nearly upon us which means the best time of the year is around the corner. No more basic skeletons or witches, it's 2021 and time to step it up a notch.  Be prepared this year and organise yourself and your besties with costumes that will leave the party gasping for air. I have compiled 7 of the best ideas for costumes for friendship groups 2 or more so whatever the size of your party you can get involved! 

Photo credit: Unsplash

Photo credit: Unsplash

Devil and Angel

You cannot get into the Halloween spirit more than by dressing up as a devil, and why not rope your best friend in too, you just need to choose who is the saint and who is the sinner. Both costumes are quite easy to do yourself, for the devil i would recommend a red dress of your choice, grab a pair of horns, pitch fork and finish with red eyeshadow and glitter dragged down under the eye. For the angel I would suggest a white dress of your choice, pick up a halo, wings and finish with a soft glamour eyelook and some soft glitter around the temples. 

Hocus Pocus

The Hocus Pocus witches are the perfect solution to the problem of a 3 person theme as it always seems to be difficult to find. You will need to decide who is going to be Winnie, Sarah or Mary. I always find people always fight over being Sarah, I mean who doesn’t want to be Sarah Jessica Parker for a night. These are relatively easy to style, for Winnie choose a green dress of your choice, a ginger wig, a large necklace and finish with heavy eye makeup and her iconic lip shape. For Sarah, opt for a purple dress of your choice, a long blonde wig, a purple velvet choker and finish with a dark eye and a purple lip. Finally for Mary go for a red dress of your choice, a purple wig, add a red hooded cloak and finish with a dark eye and red lip don’t forget to pull your jaw to one side for the ultimate Mary effect. If you are brave enough for props add broom sticks and a hoover for Mary.

Velma and Daphne 

Who doesn't love a throwback to their childhood? If you are an avid Scooby Doo fan grab your bestie and dress up as the iconic Velma and Daphne. The best way to style Daphne is to get a purple dress, add a green neck scarf, purple headband and finish with light eye makeup and a bold purple lip. For Velma, take an orange roll neck top and a darker orange/ red skirt, add a pair of knee high socks, a pair of glasses and finish with a dark red lip for the ultimate Velma impersonation. The only job left is to decide who looks better in purple and who looks better in orange. 

The Purge

One of the most iconic horror sagas of the decade now makes the perfect halloween costume and has no limit for the size of your friendship group and is extremely flexible. The easiest way to style is to choose anything black such as a dress, skirt, top, trousers etc and try to add some rips or dirt to them to look like you’ve been on a killing spree, you can then add fake blood to your arms, legs, chest and even face for an authentic look. Props will be your best friend for this theme as you can buy purge masks, baseball bats and fake knives to really sell the costume.

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Cops and robbers

A favourite for any costume party is cops and robbers as it is so easy to recreate and adapt for different times of the year especially halloween. This is also a theme where there is no limit on the size of your friendship group, you just need to decide on an even amount of cops and robbers. For the cops, take a black dress/jumpsuit of your choice, add a police hat, handcuffs, badge and finish with smokey eye makeup and a red lip. For the robbers take a black and white striped dress or an orange jumpsuit, add a pair of handcuffs round one wrist and finish with a smokey eye and nude lip. Props will be your best friend for this theme so the more props the better!

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