The British weather can be unpredictable all year round, but Autumn is usually a particularly unstable season. Following the summer months, the arrival of Autumn means it’s time to prepare for the upcoming winter period and during this time, it can often be difficult to decide what to wear. We’ve come up with a list of suggestions, including all-important layering, to help you pick the right clothes for this time of year. Plus, if you need to add some essentials to your wardrobe, you can use a SHEIN discount code to grab a deal on your next online purchase. 

Layering - this is one of the most important ways to achieve the perfect outfit for Autumn. If you want to look great, but keep warm and comfortable, start layering your clothes now! It’s the ideal way to cope with the fluctuating temperatures throughout the day and you can gradually remove a layer as it gets warmer but be protected from the cooler hours in the morning and evening. Start with a relatively tight-fitting base layer and choose items that can be added to your outfit to keep you warm. As the season progresses, you can then gradually remove some more summery items and replace them with your winter wardrobe essentials. 

Outerwear - obviously when the temperature starts to dive, you’ll probably be in need of an extra layer of outerwear, but there’s no need to bring out the winter coats just yet! Try different styles of jackets, cardigans, or a waterproof coat or jacket to stay stylish without feeling cold. Plus with your new layering techniques, you can experiment with lots of different combinations, such as wearing a light jacket over a jumper or sweater or a long cardigan, or an elegant fitted jacket over a shirt or top. You can find lots of different kinds of jackets and if you visit the SHEIN website you can discover the latest trends. 

Don’t put away your summer clothes - many people might be tempted to switch their wardrobe from summer to winter without transitioning. In fact, it can be possible, and fashionable, to hold on to some of your favourite summer items, and mix and match them with warmer clothes. For example, you could wear shorts and skirts over tights and use vests and lighter tops as a base layer. 

Footwear - although you don’t have to put away summer clothing, it might be a good idea to pack up the flip-flops and sandals. Keeping your feet warm is a really great way to regulate your body temperature, especially if you choose the right socks. The ideal footwear for Autumn depends on your personal taste and the occasion you’re dressing for but it’s worth investing in a decent pair of boots or sneakers. 

Add some accessories - adding fashion accessories to your outfits will not only complete your look but can also come in handy for an unexpected cold spell. Essential Autumn accessories could include gloves, hats, and definitely scarves. Plus, they are really convenient because you can pop them in your bag to keep them handy for when you need them!

Don’t forget your umbrella - even if the temperature is not very low, we can often experience a fair amount of rain during the Autumn period. We suggest keeping your umbrella close by for any unepected downpours that might occur! As we all know, the weather can often change dramatically from one day to the next, so make sure you’re prepared for every eventuality by checking the forecast from a reliable source such as the BBC weather forecast available online.

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