It can be a frustrating experience for someone to walk into a local beauty or fashion spot and not find what they want. Even more annoying is when they realize that the beauty or fashion shop they frequent has been selling overpriced products to them all along.

Local Fashion

Local Fashion

These are examples of realities people live in every now and then.

The good news, however, is there is now a solution to all things beauty and fashion products and services.


NiceLocal is an online search directory with features covering everything from fashion products to beauty services. With the NiceLocal platform, users can access map features to view detailed information about millions of local beauty and fashion providers around them. Amongst the list of business information NiceLocal provides users with include,

  • Business addresses
  • Business photos
  • Business contact information
  • Business ratings and reviews and more.

People looking to find trustworthy nearby fashion and beauty services near them should look no further than NiceLocal. It is founded by a group of avid beauty and fashion enthusiasts – people who have dedicated their careers to finding and recommending the best beauty and fashion providers to users.

Over the past years, NiceLocal has been gathering recommendations from their networks on the best business providers in various locations. Each business recommendation obtained is carefully checked for factual accuracy before being posted on the NiceLocal platform. This way, every user is guaranteed to find the best and the most reputable provider for their needs.

Beauty and fashion products and services users can expect to find on NiceLocal

The beauty and fashion industry is quite a diversified one, as everyone knows. As such, it can be pretty hard for users to find everything they need at one stop. To help out, NiceLocal has gathered information of local spots and businesses where users can find fashion products like clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, etc., around them.

As far as beauty spots are concerned, users can find everything from yoga places to beauty salons, massage shops to hair salons, Manicure spots to Laser hair removal providers, Makeup studios to Chemical peel centers, Body piercing shops to Hair coloring salons, and many more.


NiceLocal for business providers

Beyond providing quality business information to users, NiceLocal also offers local businesses a chance to connect to potential customers within their immediate locality and beyond, enabling them to maximize their local leads and stop faraway providers from stealing their prospects.

Imagine you have a styling and manicure salon in downtown London. Then someone comes to town for the first time, looking for somewhere to fix their nails. If such prospect has access to NiceLocal, they could search for the best beauty shop near them. If you're lucky enough to have your business listed on the platform, you could be the one to win such a prospect.

In short, NiceLocal provides local business providers with new prospect streams.

Reasons to use NiceLocal for your beauty and fashion product search

With so many digital solutions out there, it can be overwhelming for users to choose which solutions to use and which to toss aside.

In the next few blocks of texts, we’re going to be discussing a few important reasons why NiceLocal makes a lot of sense for every beauty and fashion product user.

  • Provides you with the best providers

All beauty and fashion businesses listed on NiceLocal are carefully curated, allowing users to find strictly reputable outlets. When you use NiceLocal to search for a beauty salon or a fashion store around you, you can rest assured that such an outlet is the best – or at the very least, one of the best – in that particular area.

Considering how hard it is to find reputable brands and outlets these days, NiceLocal’s online search tool is indeed a game-changer.

  • Gives you a chance to compare options

Even if you’ve been living in an area for years, it’s very much possible you won’t know all the beauty and fashion spots that exist within the area.

As such, you may find yourself using a provider or patronizing a shop that’s overpricing you. With NiceLocal, however, you now have the chance to have a bird's-eye view of all the beauty providers around you. And with such information, you can see what each business charges and decide whether to continue using your past providers or switch to new ones.

  • Gives you a glimpse of what others think about local businesses

It’s one thing to discover a brand online; it’s another to feel confident about patronizing it. For most people, the best way to get confident about any brand is to find quality reviews and ratings. According to, 54% of shoppers say they read reviews for everything they purchase.

Luckily, NiceLocal has brand reviews and ratings in abundance. As earlier stated, every business listed on NiceLocal is carefully curated with vital information such as addresses, photos, contact details, and ratings and reviews, allowing you to see what others think and say about each brand.

In other words, if a brand sucks, you can easily see that from its reviews and ratings.

  • Makes it possible to shop in an unfamiliar environment

It can be so frustrating arriving in an unfamiliar environment and not knowing where to find beauty salons or fashion places.

For example, you might be attending a business conference in a place you’ve never visited before. Then after spending a few days, you look yourself in the mirror and notice how rough and untidy your hair looks. At that point, you become compelled to find a salon nearby to get a new cut.

But since you don’t know anywhere in the area, you become forced to ask the people around.

Don’t do it. Instead of asking people, many of whom might not even know the best salons around, you can simply use the NiceLocal app to find the best beauty places within that area. With that, you’ll be making your choice based on expert recommendations and unbiased reviews from people who have used such services in the past.


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