We all strive to feel confident, sexy and empowered in the bedroom, for this undeniably creates a satisfying and wish-fulfilling experience. Simply put, many of us hope that when we get intimate with a partner we will be able to embrace the faultless beauty of our own body, enjoying a comfortable and indulgent sexual experience without insecurities getting the better of us.

This goal needn’t be difficult to achieve; there are a limitless number of ways by which we can rediscover lost confidence, all whilst exploring a rich variety of shared fantasies. Great lingerie is just one of the many tools we can use to boost our self-esteem in the bedroom and, conveniently, there are several other benefits to investing in exceptional lingerie…

From bras that actually fit properly offering incomparable comfort, to underwear as outerwear creating modern fashion. Beautiful lingerie knows no bounds and promises to continue demonstrating a return on investment. Vanishing your insecurities with glamorous designs and soft fabrics, great lingerie really is worth every penny.

Here are 5 reasons you should invest in great lingerie:

1. It's an act of self love: We can all be guilty of putting ourselves last, both in and out of the bedroom. However, taking the time to find perfect lingerie for you is an act certain to enhance your sense of self-love. Of course, it’s important to consider your partner during sex, but making sure you respect and celebrate your own body is crucial if you hope to feel full of confidence. Don’t be shy to invest in yourself and don’t worry that this treat is selfish, the reward will certainly be mutual for both you and your partner…

2. It'll put you at ease: If you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing (or not wearing…), you’re sure to feel more relaxed. No longer having to worry about your insecurities, scratchy old bras or uncomfortable knickers, you can enjoy this experience to its fullest. Sometimes we could all do with a little pick-me-up and lingerie (even if it’s for your eyes only!) never disappoints.

3. It enhances your assets: Avoid clothing that does the bare minimum; great lingerie does more than fulfil the practical requirements of underwear, instead, this redefines your curves and amplifies your best assets.

Investing in exceptional lingerie means that thoughtful designs, impressive material and complimentary cuts will shape, lift and support wherever you feel necessary. While cheap underwear may be appealing, easily convincing you that it’ll ‘do the job’, this certainly won’t satisfy the same benefits of great lingerie. Rather, this will leave you wishing that you’d considered quality pieces, capable of impressing you in the long-term (another hidden bonus: it’ll last a lifetime!)

4. Looking is fun: Most of us love a little online shopping, confessing to this being our secret guilty pleasure. As you search the web for your dream lingerie, you’ll find that underwear shopping can be equally as enjoyable and tempting!

Seemingly, the process of finding pretty lingerie is fun in itself, making the build up to sex increasingly pleasurable. Satisfying your need to find the very best garments available, your inner shopaholic will certainly thank you.

5. It'll spice things up: If you’re in a long-term relationship, you might just find that your bedroom routine has become a little repetitive. Investing in great lingerie will not only give you the confidence to try new things, but it’ll take your partner equally by surprise! Recognising both your new-found eagerness to explore and the seductive pieces you’ve waltzed in wearing, they’ll quickly be raring to go.

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