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Whether you are looking to update your shoe collection to the latest trends or if this is a great excuse to be able to buy an extra pair of shoes - you have come to the right place. There are many different trends appearing this fall for shoes and there are differents style to suit every shoe lover from big heels to super casual trainers even to clogs, wherever your fashion sense is it seems this autumn anything goes and what once may have been deemed as uncool and unfashionable have now been given the seal of approval from designers, celebrities and models alike. 

Image credit: Unsplash

Image credit: Unsplash

Heeled Loafers

It may seem strange to be strapping a rather large heel onto a shoe that is mostly a flat base, however it gives an extra dimension to the shoe. I always regard loafers to be the ‘work’ shoe as they are comfy, reliable and look chic and professional however they have been given a makeover just in time for the autumn season. Designers have added larger heels to the shoes to give them a completely different look and they are a brilliant way of adding a touch of class to your outfit. I would recommend adding a pair of tailored trousers and an oversized shirt to compliment the shoes. 

Strappy Heel

Strappy heels are extremely versatile, from the ways they can be tied to the amount of outfits they can change drastically. By adding a pair of strappy heels with a dress it can elevate that outfit from a boring and simple look to an edgy, sexy and daring look, who would have thought a pair of shoes could have such an effect. They are also perfect for turning jeans and a nice top into the perfect evening look as they can create cuffs on the bottom of your jeans, to give that Molly-Mae inspired look. 

Wide Flip Flops

I once thought that flip flops were only to be worn on the beach or around the pool never with any outfits as it was not seen as fashionable but like many of the shoes already mentioned they have been given an upgrade and a total overhaul. Say so long to borning, plastic and foam based flip flops and hello to a thicker base and wider strap that can be worn with jeans, dresses, shorts and more. There are even platform style flip flops which would be perfect for a daytime to nighttime look, the possibilities are endless.

Sporty Sandals

Another comfortable and once unfashionable item has like flip flops been given a slight update. This type of sandal does look a bit like what I would call a ‘dad’ sandal as it has lots of velcro ties and straps, however it seems these sandals are not just for the dads anymore they have had new colours, slingback straps, thicker bases and lug-soles for a more dynamic, comfortable and stylish look. I would recommend pairing a floaty midi dress and a cross body bag with a pair of lug-sole sandals for the perfect spring look, adapt this to autumn by adding a leopard print denim jacket. 

Retro Trainers

It seems that this season is taking great inspiration from past decades such as the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s so to carry that theme on it seems trainers are the next port of call. Classic trainers such as Nike and Reebok have currently got many retro style trainers on sale with colours such as burgundy and neutrals taking centre stage. I would recommend pairing these trainers with a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans, an oversized jumper and a bucket hat for a street style look. 

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Lug-sole Boots

Lug-soles are another trend which was seen last year and has now crept back into this year. The thick soles and rugged look makes them perfect for fall, there are many different styles ranging from the classic Chelsea boot, to calf high length or even knee high length. They are perfect for styling with leather leggings, a turtle neck jumper and a longline coat, you can even add a large scarf and some gold jewelry for a cute and cosy autumn look.

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