How are your feet after the bank holiday weekend? Tired, sore, aching? If you ended up dancing barefoot by midnight, then you need to ditch the heels that are hurting you and check out these amazing comfort-focused shoes from Sole Bliss.

Photo: Sole Bliss heels

Photo: Sole Bliss heels

Lisa Kay founded Sole Bliss back in April 2017, after five years of research and development. The shoes are made to support people who suffer with common foot problems, who also want trendy footwear. Lisa said: “As a bunion sufferer myself, I have always had difficulty finding footwear that is both stylish and comfortable.

“After 35 years in fashion designing shoes for my brand Lisa Kay London, I conducted some of my own research and discovered that I wasn’t alone – 10 million women in the UK alone suffer from bunions and subsequently, I wanted to create a product that enabled these women to feel fashionable and comfortable.

With little on the market to provide statement shoes that also provide care and comfort, Lisa worked on her own project and so Sole Bliss was the result. These shoes boast more than just style and the utmost comfort, though. Now they’ve been seen on the feet of icons such as the Duchess of Cornwall and Helen Mirren, symbolise class and are of top standard quality to be sported by ladies with such taste.

It's extremely commendable to see how far Sole Bliss has come in the short amount of time since the brand launched two years ago.

“The first Sole Bliss Collection consisted of only 4 different styles of heels. Since then, the collection has expanded to over 70 lines including heels, sandals, flats & boots" explains Lisa.

“Each pair of Sole Bliss shoes contains our podiatrist-approved patent-pending ‘Juanet’ Shoe Technology - a combination of components that alleviate the discomfort of bunions, wide feet and a host of other foot problems.

“This specialised shoe construction means that I have to very carefully consider different designs, materials and colours, but overtime I’ve become more confident in producing a versatile collection of shoes that are on-trend and comfortable.

“Inspiration for my designs have stemmed from many things: my previous experience designing shoes has built my ability and confidence to forecast fashion trends.

"A few times throughout the year, I visit our factories in Spain to look at leather & suede swatches for the collection.

“Another huge inspiration is our engaged customers. On a daily basis, customers offer their opinions & feedback which undoubtedly influences our future styles.”

Lisa summarises her brand as luxurious, innovative and empowering. Of course the designs were made to ooze class and be worn by the lady with an eye for sophistication, so it’s not too surprising that they’ve spotted on Royalty.

Lisa said: “Based on the market demand for stylish and comfortable footwear, we expected our designs to be favoured by lots of fashionable women suffering with their feet or who were simply looking for extreme comfort – we were just fortunate enough to have the Duchess try a pair and end up buying more from us!

“It’s an absolute honour to know the Duchess of Cornwall is wearing our shoes. She always looks wonderful on Royal outings and proves that it is possible to wear heels all day and feel comfortable!

“Since the Duchess of Cornwall has been wearing Sole Bliss, it has significantly built trust among our customers. It’s encouraged many new customers, who perhaps didn’t feel comfortable purchasing shoes online or refused to believe that comfortable heels even existed, to give them a try.”

Lisa’s plans don’t just stop at royalty, though - she has all kinds of other goals lined up. She says her vision includes expanding to the U.S, introducing new styles like ballerina flats and court shoes, continuing to help remove the stigma of foot problems and to grow the online presence.

What did we think? I was lucky enough to get to try some of the footwear on offer from the Sole Bliss range. I was extremely impressed with the clear high standard of of care and quality the heels had to offer. Though I am also fortunate to not struggle with any of the foot problems that the shoes are designed tackle, the added comfort that the luxury footwear boasts makes them suitable for any fashion type - meaning I could go out confidently knowing that at no point would I feel the need to take a break from the heels and let my feet recover before getting back up to slay the evening.

So watch this space! If you want to check out the full collection, head over to!

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