Have you ever thought about applying facial contouring make-up tricks to your body for a contoured and sculpted look all over?

Could you shape your body with fake tan?

Could you shape your body with fake tan?

With the help of the St. Moriz experts we have the tips and tricks to get your body looking it’s best with no time spent in the gym, just a bottle of fake tan.

Five different levels of tan to increase contour
Five different levels of tan to increase contour

As a quick fix, you can use a gradual tan to highlight your best features such as the collar bones, hip bones and cleavage and to draw the eye away from other areas.  You can also use it along the front of the legs and on the outside of the upper arms for a slimming effect.

“We created the film to show an extreme version of what can be done using a self-tan and make-up, but if you follow the basic rules of using dark and light shades anyone can define and highlight their best assets at home,”  says Claire Nicole and Katey McCabe, Make-up Artists. You can watch the video below.

The Basic Rules: 

A make-up contouring palette usually contains a dark matt shade and a light highlighting colour with a slight shimmer.   

Use the dark shade to give depth and shadow and the illusion of areas receding

Use the light shade to bring things forward, make them look more prominent and fuller

Using your middle finger start by drawing lines above and below muscles or bones and then use a make-up brush to soften the lines and blend. 

The Prep:  The day before contouring, use a developing self-tan product.  Use scrub to exfoliate in the shower in the morning and then moisturise well using an oil-free moisturiser.  Apply the tan in the evening using a mitt and blending the tan in small circular motions.  Leave to develop overnight and then wash off the guide colour in the morning.

Contoured Décolletage

  1. Using your middle finger, blend a small amount of the dark shade on top of collar bone
  2. Sweep the remainder underneath the bone
  3. Apply the lighter highlighting shade onto the bone
  4. Use the brush to blend and soften 


Sculpted Stomach

  1. Breathe-in to find your muscles
  2. Use the dark shade to draw three vertical lines on either side of the abdomen and down the centre between the ribs to give the illusion of a defined stomach
  3. Create the impression of well-defined abs by using the dark to create small horizontal lines starting from underneath the diaphragm and then under each ab
  4. Again using the dark, draw two short lines on the top of each side of the pelvic bone
  5. Blend each line really well feathering outwards to soften the effect


Enhanced cleavage

  1. Use the dark shade to create a dark line in between the breasts
  2. Form a dark arc sweeping up and around from the inside of each breast
  3. Use the highlighter on the inner top of each cup to make the bust look fuller and more voluptuous


Slim Limbs

  1. Arms - darken the inner arm from armpit to elbow fading as you go. 
  2. Arms – use the highlighter to enhance the outside of the arm on the triceps
  3. Legs - darken the inner thigh from bikini line down gradually fading towards the inner knee 
  4. Legs – use the lighter shade to draw an inch wide line down the top centre of each thigh and a centimetre wide line on the shin feathering as you go to avoid stripes

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