Do you strive to create a perfect fake glow?

Do you strive to create a perfect fake glow?

The North East of England has been dubbed the 'orange capital' of the UK when it comes to fake tan popularity. 

According to site data the North East of England is the fake tan capital when it comes to the number of searches for discounts related to developing a 'faux beach look'.

The information was put together by looking at the most popular tanning related search terms over the past three months and the geographical spread based on the user's location. The most popular search terms associated with fake tanning were as follows, with the figure indicating their percentage rise when compared to last year:

1.            Fake tan - 212%

2.            St Tropez - 193%

3.            Bronzer - 177%

4.            Spray tan - 166%

5.            Sunbeds - 161%

When these results were broken down into geographical areas, looking at the proportion of fake tan related searches in different regions throughout the UK, the order was revealed as follows:

1. North East - 21.3% (of all fake tan related searches on in the last three months were from this region)

2. North West - 16.1%

3. East of England - 12.7%

4. Scotland - 10.4%

5. Wales - 7.1%

6. London - 6.6%

7. West Midlands - 6.3%

8. Yorkshire and Humber - 5.9%

9. South East - 5.3%

10. South West - 4.3%

11. East Midlands - 4.0%

Matthew Wood of, who conduced the research, made the following comment:

"It was with some amusement in our office that we realised the North East was by far the main area for fake tan related searches. The image of the North East of yesteryear was of hardworking industrial types, smeared in the grime of endeavour. These days, it seems they're more likely to be covered in St Tropez. 

"Whilst our search results were able to reveal the geographical breakdown, they unfortunately don't reveal the breakdown between the sexes. It would be interesting to see just where the split would be between males and females. Having seen some of the reality shows on television today, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a fairly even spread! The East of England being in the top 3 may also be an indication of the TOWIE effect."

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