Washing your face before bed is a cardinal rule that we hear repeated constantly. However, caring for our hair before bedtime is not as commonly mentioned. Hair care before bed is so important for improving the overall look and texture of your hair.We all know the struggle of peeling ourselves off the couch and going to brush our teeth and wash our faces, but while you're at it, spend an extra five minutes and give your hair a little TLC for a totally polished look in the morning. Say goodbye to bed head hair and continue reading to discover these great tips for healthier hair.

Hair Care

Hair Care

Remove Hair Accessories

Remove anything from your hair that is likely to get tangled and result in difficulty removing the next morning. This includes hair accessories such as hair extensions or hair clips which can damage your hair overnight.

Consider a Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are much gentler on your face and hair than standard cotton pillowcases. They are a luxury item but think about the amount of time you spend sleeping! Seven to eight hours every night (if you're lucky) is spent with your head on a pillow, so it is a worthwhile investment. Or alternatively, a great present to put on a wish list if you find it difficult to make the splurge on yourself. Check out our other ideas for your wish list this Christmas here.

Don't Sleep on Wet Hair

Sleeping on wet hair is a common bad habit. Wet hair is fragile and easily breakable. Tossing and turning during the night can cause hair to become damaged from pulling and tangling. Avoid waking up with your hair standing on end and give yourself the best possible hair texture. Give your hair a quick blast with cool air before hitting the hay at night. If you're a night-time hair washer who isn't a fan of blow drying, consider switching it up and washing your hair in the morning. For extra tips on achieving fuller looking locks, read Schwarzkopf's guide on how to improve volume.

Brush Your Hair and Braid

Giving your hair one last brush before bed adds an extra element of relaxation before bed. It is highly recommended to brush hair gently from bottom to top with a paddle brush! Styling your hair thereafter is also a great way to protect your hair at night. A simple braid is a good solution to keep your hair together and avoid tangles, promoting overall hair health and growth. Avoid tying your hair up in a bun or ponytail as it pulls on the scalp. Putting your hair in braids when it's slightly damp is also an easy way to get heatless waves. Using a satin scrunchie is also more hair friendly than regular hair ties, which can cause split ends.

Hair Mask Overnight

Hair treatments do not necessarily have to last for fifteen to twenty minutes. To really give your hair a moisture boost, coat the hair in a hair oil and leave in overnight. Ensure to check out what hair oil is most suitable for your hair. Include the scalp and incorporate a scalp massage for increased blood circulation to the hair roots. This is great to do the day before you plan on washing your hair and will leave you with smooth tangle-free tresses for days!

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