I have used brow gels for years now and they are an essential piece of my make up kit, however if you’ve never tried one- here are some reasons to give one a go. 

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

Plucking aid: If you pluck your own eyebrows, a gel can help to keep the hairs in place that you are leaving and expose the ones you want to remove so you’re less likely to over-pluck. 

All day long wear: If you gel your brows on a morning- you don’t have to touch them again all day- with a good quality gel, they will stay in place until you remove your make-up before bed. No reapplication needed. 

Taming tool: Your eyebrows can be a little unruly when you wake up so a gel will tame them into the shape you want with little fuss and no need for any extra product. A fast way to be brow ready for the day- reducing the time you need to spend on doing your make-up. 

An alternative to pencils: If you don’t like the look when you pencil in your brows, a gel is a natural alternative, as it will tidy your brows but the wetness of the gel will give them a little extra definition without being too heavy. 

Brush precision: Although a small amount of moisturiser will also help to flatten the brow hairs, a gel comes with a brush so you can focus on individual hairs rather than the brow as a whole- meaning you have better control over their shape.

Different shapes: You can play around with different shaped brows with the aid of a gel, so if you want to alter the shape of your brows to suit your face better, you can move the hairs around to change the height of the arch for example without having to do anything drastic. 

Easy removal: It takes only a second to remove a brow gel, unlike a pencil, which may take longer and require lots of product. 



Keep brows in place all day with a few sweeps of our Browmousse. Lightweight and flake free formula is clear so can be used on any coloured brow.


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