There are a million and one things to worry about and the state of your skin is generally not high on the list of priorities. However, skin care does not have to be expensive. Taking care for your skin will also help your physical and mental health. When so much is out of control, why not spend some time caring for something that is within your control? From the food that you eat to the time you spend outdoors, the better your regime the better you will feel overall.


OK, let’s start off in an obvious place. The route to the best skin is through your daily moisturiser. You need to find your best defense against dry skin - whatever product this might be. If you apply your lotion straight out the shower, then you seal in that moisture within the skin. This should not just be your face but also your hands. Your hands will show ageing before any other part of your body, so you need to maintain your self-esteem by caring for those parts of your body you will see every day.

Limit caffeine 

I know, I know - I may as well have said sacrifice your youngest child (well, almost). For many of us, the morning coffee is our religion. However, if you struggle with dry skin it is likely because you drink too much coffee. You need to replace that hit with water, which you can flavour with slices of fruit. The more hydrated your insides, the better your skin but also, the better the levels of alertness. It really is a win: win: win.

If you can't drop the caffeine entirely, try drinking at least one pint of water in the morning prior to your daily cup of coffee. 

Phone germs

How often do you go from scrolling on your phone to touching your face? Not a question you have ever thought to ask, we are sure. However, your phone screen is full of bacteria and grime that happily skips and jumps to your face without conscious thought. Therefore, cleansing your phone as well as your hands regularly will do wonders for your pores.

Suntan lotion is your buddy

You must make suntan lotion a priority. Not only is the sun an ageing agent - but it will also heighten your risk for skin cancer. The good news is that suntan lotion formulas are made with zinc, which means it is good for acne too - and for sensitive skin. Therefore, lathering on sunblock will also serve to nourish your skin as well as protect you from those damaging rays.

In reality, you need to keep yourself out of the glare of the sun. If you do pop out of the shade, make sure your sunnies are close at hand. There is nothing worse for your skin than the scrunched up eye look that results in crow’s feet. The lighter your eyes, the more shade you should seek - as you are likely more sensitive to the rays.

Reduce salt

No caffeine and now take out the salt?! Is there seriously no fun to be had in life anymore?! However, for the sake of some bland food, you will find the moisture levels in your skin heightened. Also, salt has a terrible dehydrating effect on the rest of your body and is not the best for your heart either. Therefore, while you maintain beautiful skin, you are also protecting your wider health.


Our bodies regenerate themselves all the time - so cells die and new ones replace them. However, without a scrub, the old cells lie on the skin’s surface leaving your complexion looking dull. When you exfoliate you reveal the fresh cells underneath that will leave you looking healthier. While you might underestimate how much the view in the mirror impacts your self-esteem, you will be mildly surprised how much fresher, younger skin boosts your self-esteem.

Be wary of abrasive exfoliators and opt for something a little more gentle. whilst shedding dead skin is good, over exfoliation can damage the lower layers of skin and remove the natural oil barrier our skin uses as protection. If you have sensitive skin, using a muslin cloth along with some warm water might be enough. 


So, you have heard enough life lectures to know that exercising is essential for your health. It’s true we need to work up a sweat to keep our body vitals in good shape. However, after a day with hair products followed by a hit at the gym, you are going to sweat all sorts of gunk onto your face. Therefore, although exercise will keep you feeling fresh and young, you should also make sure to wear a sweatband and/or take a clean towel with you to the gym. 

Remember though, avoiding exercise is not the answer to avoiding the effects of sweat. Exercise leaves you with a healthy glow because the sweat clears your body of toxins and helps to remove dead skin cells. So, strap on those sneakers and get out into the world. Maybe a quick dance around the living room could make this fun too, who knows?

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