If you need an extra layer of clothes to keep warm then you certainly need an extra layer of products to look after your skin!

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

Here are three layers for key areas.

Hands and Cuticles - On show all the time and usually forgotten about, everything we touch takes moisture from our hands but there’s no need to suffer with cracked cuticles and dry fingertips in the winter.

1. Wear gloves when outside.

2. Massage in SEAMS Hand Cream at least three times a day. SEAMS absorbs instantly, is not greasy and is full of the best natural ingredients including Shea Butter and Rosehip Oil.

3. To add in that extra layer use SEAMS Satin Skin Hand and Nail Oil as a treatment underneath SEAMS Hand Cream at night.

TIP: Even if wearing nail varnish massage in an extra drop into cuticles and nail bed to help maintain condition of the new nail growth.

Face – Keeping skin moisturised and supple will help slow down the signs of ageing.

1. Use a hydrating face mask twice a week. Vichy Quenching Mineral Mask with Vitamin B3 soothes and brightens skin tone.

2. Use a Serum underneath your face cream morning and night. A long time favourite is Clarins Double Serum with 21 plant extracts to help hydrate and regenerate skin.

3. Change to a richer face cream in the winter. Lancome Absolute Bx will moisturise, firm and help reduce wrinkles, or for a less pricy alternative go to CeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion a rich formula with Hyaluronic acid to help restore and protect skin.

Lips – Feel dry as soon as winter sets in.

1. Mac Matte Satin Lipstick, is creamy and gives a full coverage without too much of a shine.

2. Base lips with Burts Bee’s Beeswax lip balm to nourish.

3. Blistex Relief Cream is an overnight wonder for sore lips.

Legs and Feet – now hidden the lower leg always flakes after the summer sun and heels become cracked.

1. Exfoliate whilst in the shower. Clarins Tonic Sugar Polisher luxuriously smooths away dry skin cells and don’t forget to use a pumice on your feet.

2. Set skin with an oil or serum such as such as Bio Oil.

3. In the day follow with a moisturising body lotion such as La Roche-Posy Daily Repair and at night, try Laura Mercier’s Almond coconut milk soufflé body cream. It smells as good as it feels.

Then keep a tube of Glossier Balm Dotcom in your handbag to nourish dry areas whilst out and about.

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