Which are your favourite?

Which are your favourite?

It's one of the most important days of your life, all eyes on you and you need to look perfect and that means being comfortable - but would you ever consider wearing a pair of UGG boots with your wedding dress?

I'm going to assume that the is a resonating 'no' becuase whilst the Australian shoe may be okay to wear as a slipper for a lazy weekend - they hardly exude style and sexiness. 

The 'I Do' range is made up of three different styles. 

The Sparkles I Do is a white sequin-studded boot, perfect for the blingtastic tastes. 

The Bailey I Do is a silver suede boot with a rhinestone button, the choice for a bride who wants understated glamour. 

The collection is rounded off with a white fluffy flip-flop, which I can onyl assume, and hope, is a slipper. 

Yes, whilst they may be comfortable and practical do you really want to hitch up your dress for everyone to double look with disbelief at the shoes you have on your feet?

Will you be weaing a pair of these on your big day?

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