Download single Notorious now!

Download single Notorious now!

The only way is Up for The Saturdays as they sore Higher up the charts and in our style estimations. Jenna Fordie chats to Mollie and Una from the country's biggest girl band on everthing from their arena tour later in the year to their fave accessories.

After the success of their last tour, the girls cannot wait to start their first ever arena tour scheduled for December entitled the Fired Up Tour. Once again Frankie, Mollie, Rochelle, Una and Vanessa will take to the stage with some fresh new ideas with sounds and style and plenty to show their fans.

Mollie tells FemaleFirst: "Well it's our first ever arena tour so it's really exciting for us and its going to be in December which we're especially excited about because everyone going to be in the party mood with Christmas."

"Fashion is a huge thing for us."

As well as getting their fans in the party mood, the girls have no intention of being a disappointment.

"We want it to be the best; so bigger and lots of costume changes, sparkles and dancers. It's an arena so we're forced to go all out for production," Una adds.

Despite some of the diffculties about touring, Mollie and Una feel this is their favourite aspect to being in the band. For them, seeing all the other artists and cities is amazing.

As well as their next album, to be released in November, the Saturdays cannot wait to strut their style on stage. They want plenty of sparkle and especially with this being in such big spaces Mollie believes that "more is more" for their outfits. Expect to see plenty of bright, block colours and definite sparkle and glitter!

Although The Saturdays may not see it, they have quickly become some of the country's top style icons. Both on and off stage they have a presence in fashion that thousands of girls up and down the country are copying.

Their video for new single Notorious features the sensational summer trend of bold, block colouring.

Una says: "We mix it up a lot. Colour has always been a big part of it, bold, block colours. For one video one of us might be wearing red and then green you know, we don't stick to anything or any particular colour, we like to mix it around.

"We work very closely with our stylist and we try on loads of different outfits. He knows what works best for us, but we have a huge say as well, we're always very much a big part of that. Fashion is a huge thing for us."

Just like you and me, celebs have their favourite clothes and accessories they like to wear and its no different for Mollie who has a little brown bag she admits laughing would "probably wear it in the shower."

When asked if they feel the pressure to look great all the time, both girls admit that it can be tough when you're being photographed all the time.

Mollie says: "I think it is funny because there was an actual article about me in a magazine the other day that said 'oh Mollie recycles her clothes loads' and I thought you know what I actually don't I just wear them a normal amount."

That said, there is no doubt that the girls look fab in every photo and every video but they still have to shop for the latest trends and styles just like you and me. As much as they enjoy donning on the designers for the red carpets, the highstreet remains their first love.

"Even if we're very busy, we like to shop online like at Asos, that's great because you've got all the brands in there and you can shop can spend hours on there looking at stuff." adds Una.

Well that's something you and I have in common then Una!

See the tour dates at on sale Friday 17th June and download single Notorious now!

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