Anya Hindmarch is "actively not fashionable" at the weekend.

Anya Hindmarch keeps it casual at the weekends

Anya Hindmarch keeps it casual at the weekends

The 56-year-old designer - who has five adult children with husband James Seymour - values her downtime after a busy working week and likes not feeling any pressure to dress up or be glamorous, even when she's out meeting friends.

Discussing a typical Saturday, she told Telegraph magazine of her evening: "We meet friends for supper at Upstairs at Landrace in Bath – it’s excellent – or more locally, at The Salutation Inn just off the Fosse Way. It’s very low-key, full of farmers and locals. I don’t need Notting Hill at the weekends.

"Likewise, I’m actively not fashionable on a Saturday, in a cosy jumper and jeans with Birkenstocks, and scrubby exercise clothes during the day."

Anya values a good night's sleep and keeps a track of her nocturnal habits.

She said: "I wake [at 8am] at our cottage in Wiltshire. I like to get up slowly. Sleep is everything to me – James always teases me and says I’m oversleeping. But sleep keeps me calm. I track it with my Oura ring – James eye-rolls whenever I mention it."

The designer then enjoys a slow morning, savouring an hour in bed with a cup of tea.

She said of the period between 9 and 10am: "This is my thinking time. I’ll have cup of tea in bed and open my laptop. I’m quite ‘on’ during the week in terms of meetings and events.

"My work involves days of fun projects and creative concepts – like the giant red Chubby Hearts [which have appeared in London and Hong Kong to mark Valentine’s Day] and The Village [a collection of Hindmarch’s stores on London’s Pont Street] – and that’s really exciting, but there is a serious business side too. I love it, but I really need that ‘off’ time as well, to process, recover and plan."