Hamptons' billionaires consider Blue One as the most sought-after store for dresses, accessories, and art and décor. And they are right. Blue One is a one-of-a-kind fashion store as it takes personalized shopping to new heights. The owners know most of their clients, enabling them to handpick clothes and accessories based on their unique fashion sense.

Blue One Elite Fashion

Blue One Elite Fashion

The journey of Blue One

Crystal Smith Willis and Jarret Willis founded Blue One back in 2007. They didn't even believe that their company would become so sought-after in Hamptons. Jarret is a former Ford model, while Crystal was a fashion maven. The couple decided to use their knowledge and experience in fashion to build their own company, one that primarily caters to the affluent population in the Hamptons. Their professional and romantic relationship did wonders for Blue One. They came up with one of the coziest boutiques in Hamptons with a loft-like setting.

When asked about Blue One's success, Jarret said, "Crystal and I always wanted to focus on a small group of customers. We feel that it helps to maintain the quality of products that we want to provide. Our fashion experience allows us to figure out the styles and designs that our clients usually look for. We ensure that once you buy from us, you come back again because of our quality service and personalized approach."

The power couple doesn't just focus on the quality and designs; they also greet their customers daily to make them feel they are a part of a vast family. Jarret and Crystal handpick every item that you see on Blue One. It's not easy to sort products from the clutter of the fashion world. However, the couple believes that working hard can provide incredible results that can change your destiny. They frequently go on world trips and cruises in expensive yachts, thanks to their satisfied customers.

Both Jarret and Crystal select unique clothing and accessories that match the fashion statements of their clients. Their products come from New York, Los Angeles, and various parts of Europe.

Best things to buy from Blue One

Blue One provides a wide variety of men's and women's clothing, accessories, and art and décor products. From single-piece women's dresses to swimwear for men, you can expect to find almost anything you can think of when it comes to fashion. You can also find scented candles, travel perfumes, high-quality shea butter, hand cream, and tons of other things. If you want a hub for select products, then Blue One is the site to visit.

Since Crystal and Jarret handpick every item, you will notice that some of the products in your wishlist may disappear if you don't buy them quickly. You can request the same effect, and the couple would make sure to arrange it quickly.

In addition to referrals, Crystal and Jarret also promote their business via social media. They now want to target the NYC elites who moved to Hamptons after COVID-19. You can follow Blue One on Facebook and on Instagram to stay updated with the company’s latest offers, collections, and news.

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