Christy Turlington has revealed her son's rival basketball team bullied him by sharing one of her nude photos.

Christy Turlington's nude photo was used to bully her son

Christy Turlington's nude photo was used to bully her son

The 55-year-old supermodel - who has son Finn, 18, and daughter Grace, 20 with husband Edward Burns - admitted she wanted to "disappear" after she found out about the heckling tactics involving her racy photo shoots from earlier in her career.

She told Harper's Bazaar magazine: "I was surprised it hadn’t happened sooner, But at the same time, I was like, ‘This is so rude!’ ”

The situation became a "bigger thing" when the school got involved, but she has refused to be "embarrassed" for her past.

She added: "All I wanted to do was disappear... [But] I don’t feel embarrassed about anything. Regretting things is a waste of time.”

She famously stripped off for a memorable 1995 shoot for Vogue Magazine.

Meanwhile, it was her daughter who convinced her to disable comments on her Instagram posts to stop her from seeing them.

She explained: "My daughter told me to do that a couple years ago. I'm really happy that I don't [have to see the comments].

"I can't say that I'm Teflon. I'm sure if I did read something that was pointed or mean, it would hurt me in the same way. But I also try not to give that much attention to any of it.'

The star - who plays a big role at Every Mother Counts in a bid to improve maternal care across Tanzania, Bangladesh, Haiti, Guatemala and the United States - admitted she is also taking a different approach to her work as a model.

She explained: "I can do a day here and there. But then, two days, I'm like, 'Too much. It's too much'.

"I feel lucky to have the option [to model]. It's still my livelihood."

Christy rose to fame as one of the original supermodels back in the 1990s alongside the likes of Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell.

Looking back, she admitted shows for fashion giants like Versace, Chanel and Valentino were always very chaotic.

She added: "The shows always felt a little like chaos. I think we, as models, will hold some of that energy and that tension, and it's not peaceful in a lot of those spaces."

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