Elizabeth Hurley has "ruined" her feet with years of wearing high-heeled shoes.

Elizabeth Hurley regrets her years of high heels

Elizabeth Hurley regrets her years of high heels

The 'Strictly Confidential' actress tore ligaments in her left ankle in 2021 and the injury "changed [her] life" because it forced her to change her shoes, which impacted on the way she dressed and she much prefers being "comfortable" than looking glamorous these days.

She told Telegraph magazine: "I couldn’t wear shoes with a heel for a year.

"Even now, I shouldn’t be wearing heels… Interestingly, I found that when I couldn’t put a heel on, that affected the way I dress and wanted to dress, because I’ve ruined my feet, you know, by 30 years prancing around in heels, which is a stupid thing to do…

"I don’t wear heels in the daytime now and actually it is so much nicer, it’s so much more comfortable. I can walk for miles – it’s great!

"So in fact although my injury was a hideous one, I really think it changed my life – because I am much more mobile during the day, when I’m not towering in shoes. What a stupid thing to do for years!"

When she isn't working now, the 58-year-old beauty favours "athleisure" garments with warm underlayers for the colder days.

She said: "I do wear a lot of athleisure and Ugg boots – I do! And I have these wonderful things from Uniqlo when it’s a bit nippy.

"I keep my HeatTech on the entire time and I love it. I tend to wear it and turn the heating down, because it’s bad to have dry heat around your face."

It has been 30 years since Elizabeth famously upstaged then-boyfriend Hugh Grant at the premiere of his movie 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' when she walked the red carpet in a black Versace dress held together with gold safety pins and while she has "found memories" of that time, the 'Austin Powers' star is amazed people are still interested in the gown.

She said: "I have nothing but fond memories of 1994. It was an amazing time for me personally, and you’re right, it was an amazing time for fashion. And I think for the UK in general. It is a little odd to me that people are still interested in that particular dress and they frequently tell me when it’s having a birthday… But why not? It was a wonderful dress."