Michael Kors would be "horribly bored" if he only made clothes to suit one shape.

Michael Kors enjoys designing for a range of shapes and sizes

Michael Kors enjoys designing for a range of shapes and sizes

The 64-year-old designer's catwalk shows have been celebrated for his use of diverse models and he admitted he can't imagine anything worse than dressing "an army" of identical women.

He told The Times magazine: “I’d be horribly bored if I dressed an army of everyone looking the same. The same point of view, the same body, the same colouring, the same age. What could be more boring?”

And even after 43 years in the fashion industry, Michael still finds it exciting, particularly because of the way things have changed for menswear in modern times.

He said: “People say, ‘Are you still excited?’ Well, look how things have changed. These days you see a 17-year-old boy who is more obsessed with clothes than his 17-year-old female counterpart. And he has no rules.

"Seeing actors, you know, who acknowledge that they love fashion, that they want to look great and enjoy it. That’s wonderful.”

Though he is a household name, Michael is happy be "only fashion famous" as he can enjoy the perks without too much attention.

He said: "I'm only fashion famous. I would never want to be Hollywood famous. Fashion famous is great. Good table at a restaurant. The right seats at the theatre. Hollywood famous? What a tough way to live life.

“Everyone thinks I am the life of the party. But I am an only child. I was reading The New York Times when I was six. I love being out and about, but I can also sit for hours on end on my own.”

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