Jack O'Connell "didn't know" what the Met Gala was.

Jack O'Connell at the 2015 Met Gala

Jack O'Connell at the 2015 Met Gala

The 33-year-old actor walked the red carpet at the annual fashion extravaganza back in 2015, and though he had a "fun" time, he didn't appreciate he was part of one of the industry's biggest nights, where guests go all out with their outfits to suit the theme of the evening.

He told Sunday Times Style magazine: “I went to the Met Gala once, I didn’t know what it was.

“I was just wearing a whistle and flute, think it was by Burberry, then I saw Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a tree. I was like, where am I? It was fun, though.”

Jack closed his Instagram account several years ago on the advice of his 'Money Monster' co-star George Clooney and he admitted it is "bliss" to be able to switch off from public scrutiny, especially as he still feels he is learning to navigate fame.

He said: "It’s bliss to be unplugged from all that. [Fame] doesn’t enter the household.

"It takes you a long time [to adjust to]. Every day you’re still learning. Whether it’s about your craft or about how to conduct yourself. Going back to the film, that’s why I feel a huge amount of sympathy and empathy for what Amy [Winehouse] was going through — that level of attention. Thank God I don’t have that.”

The 'Back To Black' actor refuses to read comments about his work.

He said: “I avoid it and shut it off. If you go looking for it, you’ll find everything you want to read and everything you don’t want to read. I think as soon as you tap into that you’re asking for trouble.

"It’s tempting, of course, because you’ve always got it [your phone] in your pocket. But it’s self-flagellation in the end.”

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