Jenny McCarthy has launched a new line of cruelty-free eyelashes.

Jenny McCarthy is launching vegan eyelashes

Jenny McCarthy is launching vegan eyelashes

The 51-year-old star founded Formless Beauty, her make-up brand, in 2021, and she's now added vegan eyelashes - called 3D Faux Mink Lashes - to the company's list of products.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the blonde beauty explained: "I don't know if you've ever tried or wear strip lashes, but I was out of my mind with them because they are all so heavy.

"How are we wearing these lashes that literally go past your eyebrows, and you're looking like it's Halloween? I wanted a natural-looking lash with a thin strip that was light and fluffy."

Formless Beauty began its existence by selling lip glosses, before the company expanded into eyeshadow and mascara.

And now, Jenny has decided to launch a line of vegan eyelashes, revealing that she particularly keen to create "clean" products.

Reflecting on the evolution of her brand, Jenny shared: "I probably spend 13 hours a day working on this brand. I am knee-deep in the testing, with researching and then trying it out."

Jenny is also launching a 12-Piece Master Brush Set, and the actress revealed that she's determined to make her products "affordable".

She said: "We curated 12 essential brushes that you could have for a lifetime that come with a beautiful travel case that is affordable.

"Other brushes are so expensive! And their quality is out of this world. I'm just so proud. This is the little makeup company that could, but for those of us that believe in total transparency when it comes to ingredients."

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