Jodie Comer regrets over-wearing her Ugg boots as a teenager.

Jodie Comer regrets ruining her Uggs as a teenager

Jodie Comer regrets ruining her Uggs as a teenager

The 30-year-old actress was a big fan of the Australian sheepskin boots in her youth and wore them so much that the heels wore right down but doesn't regret her decision to experiment as a teenager and navigate her way through those years.

She told Elle: "One [fashion regret] that has sprung to mind is wearing Ugg boots [so much] to where they wore in so much they kind of dipped in at the back. I have a lot of pictures from my early teens where there's lots of colourful skinny jeans trying to dress different, which I don't regret actually. 'I'm glad that my parents let me experiment and live through those years."

Meanwhile, the 'Killing Eve' star won the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for her role in 'Prima Facie' and explained that the look she wore to the glitzy theatrical ceremony last year is probably her favourite look from recent times because of how it replicated her costume from the show itself.

She said: "Favourite red carpet look from recent times is probably by Tom Brown look that I wore to attend the Tony Awards in New York. It was a beautiful, corseted, navy dress that had very find beading which kind of replicated the pinstripe suit that I wore in the play that I was attending for, so yeah, that's probably my most recent favourite."

Meanwhile, Jodie explained that she loves to find a "well-curated" vintage shop and has become "obsessed" with a particular one she has found in New York.

She said: "There's an incredible vintage shop in New York called 9th Street Vintage which I discovered year and I'm obsessed with it. Vintage shopping is hard and you have to have a lot of pateince when you find the shops that are so well curated, I tend to kind of stick to those."

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