Joey King says fashion and beauty boosts her confidence.

Joey King gets a confidence boost in glam and 'beautiful' fashion

Joey King gets a confidence boost in glam and 'beautiful' fashion

The 24-year-old explained how her having glam done and wearing something that makes her feel “beautiful” can completely “transform” her mindset.

She told Forbes magazine: "Fashion and beauty help me embody a certain confidence. I am a confident person, but I do feel that it can be dulled by a lot of things.

When I am in a look that makes me feel beautiful, or unique, or transforms me in any way, it awakens that dormant confidence that is laying underneath all this other c*** that I pile on myself.

Referring to her makeup artist Allan Avendaño, she added: "And I have one of the best to help me do that."

Whenever she is in the makeup chair, she just wants the result to make her look "hot".

She said: "Most of the time I sit in [his] chair and I go, I don't know, just make me look hot.

"He usually does something different every time, but he knows what I mean. I don't really have to explain it based on the wardrobe of the look."

Lately, she's been loving sixties-style eye makeup and mainly ops for a minimal, natural look.

She said: "One of the new things that I've found a lot of love for in recent looks is a sixties cut-crease style. I just love the way that makes my eye shape pop."