Jonathan Saunders is moving Diane Von Furstenberg "abstractly" away from the fashion house's iconic wrap dress.

Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders

The Scottish designer was named chief creative officer of the brand in May this year and his first collection - which he presented to small groups of editors in lieu of a big show at the weekend - doesn't include any of the classic wardrobe staple that DVF is best known for.

Instead, Jonathan wanted his silk handkerchief dresses, one-shoulder tops, and wide-leg pants with folded-over waists to have the same "elegant and sensual" qualities of the wrap dresses.

He told "You just have to think more abstractly.

"You think about what a wrap dress is--it's an effortless dress that you can put on very easily. It's flattering. It's kind of elegant and sensual at the same time.

"[When designing] I had to ask myself: Is it effortless? Is it sensual?"

And Jonathan - who has taken over creative control from the fashion house's eponymous founder - has pledged to maintain the "values" of the brand while giving it a modern makeover.

He told Fashionista: "It's a great brand to work with.

"All of the values that Diane started the brand with -- effortlessness, easy, femininity -- all of those values are so important to hold onto, and then print and colour, which I love and has always been a part of what I do."

The 39-year-old designer admitted his new role is a "challenge" but insists the position is "amazing".

He said: "Diane is the founder of the company - she has amazing understanding of what women want and how they feel and how they dress.

"It's been an amazing position to walk into and it's quite a good challenge."

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