Jourdan Dunn is "starting to feel the love for fashion again".

Harper’s Bazaar UK/Richard Phibbs

Harper’s Bazaar UK/Richard Phibbs

The 33-year-old supermodel has had a "love-hate relationship" with her modelling career as she felt like it took away the fun of her adolescence, but since working with a life coach, she finally "feels worthy" among her peers.

The runway beauty - who was discovered in Hammersmith Primark in 2006 - told the June issue of Harper's Bazaar UK of her teen self-esteem issues: "I looked at it as something that had taken me away from enjoying my teens, even though no one forced me to do it. I guess I didn’t feel confident in myself. I had low self-esteem about my body – I was tall and lanky. Things happened quite quickly for me, but I wasn’t really able to enjoy my success."

On what she learned from her life coach, she shared: "It helped me to realise what my purpose is and what my passions are. I love beauty, I love art and that’s what the fashion industry does.

"I never used to believe I was creative, but my life coach said, 'You’re creating all the time!' So I’m starting to feel the love for fashion again. Now that I’m much more confident in my body and myself, I feel worthy to be there among all the other girls. I don't want to hide in a corner away from everybody."

When it comes to shooting, Jourdan - who had a regal theme for her cover shoot for the magazine that was captured at Scotland's breathtaking Castle of Mey - says she likes to be the "muse" and let the creatives do their thing.

She said: "I’m down for the cause, whatever it is. I love the art of it all, and the creative process. Everyone has a role, and mine is to be the muse, and to do whatever you want to create an iconic image."

The June issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK is on sale now. Head to to read the interview.

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