Julia Fox's new hairstyle is inspired by mac and cheese.

Julia Fox turned to mac and cheese for inspiration

Julia Fox turned to mac and cheese for inspiration

The 34-year-old actress and 'OMG Fashun' host stepped out over the weekend with a bold new look with her hair dyed in partnership with cheese brand Velveeta, and her stylist John Novotny - who uses they/them pronouns - admitted everything came together as planned.

They told People magazine: "The Velveeta Gold is honestly fab and she’s definitely golden!

"Julia and I were both pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the gold color is. It’s a warmer yellow [reminiscent of] a warm sunny day or delicious bowl of mac and cheese."

They added that the colour was inspired by Velveeta's "supremely creamy and melty goodness".

The duo's bond is one build on trust, so both of them were "ready to play" with the eyecatching hue.

Thankfully, Julia's transformation from her more recent icy platinum blonde was a "pretty simple" process, taking almost an hour.

Novotny added: "A lot of yellow hair dyes tend to lean more [towards] slime green, but not this one. This dye is a deposit-only color, meaning no damage."

Meanwhile, they hailed the cheese brand's shift into the hair world as a perfect fit.

Novotny said: “Julia is the absolute queen of self-expression and always exudes confidence which is on par with living a life that’s La Dolce Velveeta.

"She lives an unapologetic lifestyle and does what feels good for her.

"She marches to the beat of her own drum and is all about living life to the fullest and embracing outrageous pleasure every day, which is exactly what Velveeta’s attitude is all about.”

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