Kim Petras loves to "experiment" with make-up because changing up her look feels "empowering".

Kim Petras has dished on her favourite make-up

Kim Petras has dished on her favourite make-up

The 31-year-old pop star - who is the new face of MAC's Viva Glam campaign - admits she loves using cosmetics to reinvent herself and express her creativity and she's always keen to follow new trends she finds on TikTok.

She told ELLE UK: "Make-up means so much to me, because I’ve always felt that it really helps me express myself in life ... To this day, make-up still helps me feel like my authentic self and express how I’m feeling on the inside ...

"I think the really empowering thing about make-up is that it allows you to find your own definition of beauty. There is so much creativity and individuality in make-up and beauty means something different to everyone, so it’s fun to experiment and get creative with make-up ...

"I love reinventing myself ... So my make-up is really linked to my art and music in a big way, in that it allows me to shift characters and create new versions of myself."

She added of her current favourite TikTok trend: "One make-up trend I’m really into right now is blush. I’ve seen people putting blush on their noses, foreheads, and on their chins to contour with.

"Blush is really such a magical product and I’m glad that it’s having its moment right now."

She also revealed her everyday staples citing MAC's Prep + Prime Fix+ Setting Spray as her favourite product along with the brand's Hyper Real SkinCanvas Balm Moisturising Cream and VIVA GLAM lipstick in VIVA Heart.

She previously shared her excitement about being named the new face of MAC's VIVA Glam, telling StyleCaster, she said: "I will never get over it. Like I'm so excited.

"I showed it to my closest friends and it got very emotional reactions from them. Especially from my best friend in Germany, who I know from high school, because we used to spend all of our pocket money on lipsticks - that's all we did, just like walk around and smoke cigarettes and wear makeup and spend our money at MAC. So you know, it feels like I've come such a long way."