Kacey Musgraves is a "long hair girly".

Kacey Musgraves has revealed some of her beauty secrets

Kacey Musgraves has revealed some of her beauty secrets

The 35-year-old singer has experimented with shorter hairstyles at various times in her life - but she's now fully committed to her longer locks.

Kacey told PEOPLE: "I'm a long hair girly - I've tried chopping it off before, and it does not feel right. I'm not doing it again.

"I look really silly with that small ponytail - like a founding father!"

The brunette beauty has actually adopted a less-is-more approach to her hair over recent times.

Kacey - who has won various awards during her music career, including seven Grammys - said: "I just try not to wash it that much."

The chart-topping star has embraced a simple approach to beauty, after years of experimentation.

And Kacey has done something similar with 'Deeper Well', her new track.

Speaking about her new record, Kasey explained: "Ultimately, the song sums up where I'm at in my mid-30s and really evaluating what love means to me, what friendships mean to me, what are the things that I need, what is really serving me and not serving me.

"It's [about] taking stock and making room for the things that actually do really matter."

Meanwhile, Kacey previously confessed to taking inspiration from Dolly Parton.

The singer admitted to being wowed by every aspect of the country music icon.

Kacey told Billboard: "Beauty, sex appeal, brains, wit, humour, beautiful songwriting, meaningful songwriting, no apologies for who she is, LGBTQ advocate long before it was even a thing or trendy or whatever.

"She’s fearless and I admire her spirit a lot and she’s very kind. She’s very present when you’re talking to her and I just really love her so much."