Luke Evans has "finally accepted" that stubble "isn't working" for him any more.

Luke Evans is ditching his stubble

Luke Evans is ditching his stubble

The 44-year-old actor has found his facial hair is now growing in grey and he thinks it makes him look like a "tramp", so unless a role requires it, he's vowed to be clean shaven from now on.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "I finally accepted that stubble isn’t working on my face anymore because I have grey stubble and I just look like a tramp, so now I have decided that I will be clean shaven until I have to grow it for a movie. I use a one-blade because you can also trim your hair on your ears."

While he is keeping his stubble at bay, the 'Nine Perfect Strangers' actor is growing his hair, but has found the products he used to use on his locks "don't work" any more.

Fortunately for Luke, he's found a low-cost solution.

He said: "“My hair is getting much, much longer as I’m growing it, so the products I’ve had in my bag for years, don’t work on my hair anymore. And what I found works on my hair, weirdly, is conditioner.

"So I shower, dry my hair, and then I put conditioner in my hair. And I just leave it with conditioner, which is what I’ve got in my hair now. It’s cheap and it’s easy and it lets your hair shine.”

When he goes on holiday, the 'Beauty and the Beast' actor likes to wear a "good swim brief" because he doesn't want tan lines on his legs.

He said: “I always pack a good swim brief. I’ve never understood there being a reason not to wear a swim brief — who wants a tan line halfway down your leg on the beach?

"If you’re surfing, you wear shorts, but when you’re on the beach — at least in Europe and Australia and other places around the world — the swim brief is the thing.

"You know, it does means that your leg day cannot be skipped."

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