Marc Jacobs turned to ChatGPT "out of desperation" to write his SS24 show collection notes.

Marc Jacobs turned to ChatGPT 'out of desperation' to write his SS24 show collection notes

Marc Jacobs turned to ChatGPT 'out of desperation' to write his SS24 show collection notes

The 60-year-old fashion designer showcased his creative vision in his New York presentation earlier this year titled 'Marc Jacobs: A striking fusion of masculine tailoring and feminine elegance', though decided to give the responsibility for writing the notes to the AI.

In an interview with i-D, where the style icon was interviewed by ChatGPT, Marc revealed why he decided to entrust machine learning with his "artistic narrative".

He said: "I think it was mostly out of desperation that we turned to ChatGPT. Typically Nick [Newbold] and I write the show notes during the hectic period while putting the show together.

"It’s usually very emotional for me, because it has more to do with feelings than descriptions, but I was at a loss for words and I really didn’t feel anything. I mean, I wasn’t feeling anything.

"So jokingly, although it had come up in past conversations, Nick said, 'Why don’t we just let ChatGPT do it? We have nothing to say, let’s let ChatGPT write the notes.'”

The AI succinctly summed up his answer, and analysed his statement which left Marc gobsmacked.

He said: "This is terrifying. It’s also amazing, because reading it I feel almost like I’m in a session with my shrink, and while I struggle to put feelings into concise words, he has the ability to decipher what it is I mean and feedback to me what I’m saying in a clear way.

"And I feel like, with ChatGPT, it is the same result. It’s like I’ve been given back a very concise and interesting reaction to what I said."

Although he was very impressed with the AI at his show and during the interview, Marc admitted he was worried for the future of the technology, and the potential consequences it could have for society.

He explained: "I listened to this podcast [Ex-Google Business Officer Mo Gawdat interviewed on The Diary of a CEO] and it explained how the speed at which this program advances is so terrifying; he said: This is not something that is going to happen. This is something that is happening', and the speed in which it’s happening is ... Well, it is unbelievable.

"I mean, it is believable because there’s evidence of it, and I don’t want to keep saying the word terrifying because maybe we can all work together and find the good and the interesting in this collaboration, man and machine ... But I think after watching so many science fiction movies it does seem terrifying. Then again, all change is kind of scary, isn’t it?"

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