Paris Jackson spent "a few hours" getting her tattoos covered before the Grammy Awards.

Paris Jackson at the Grammy Awards

Paris Jackson at the Grammy Awards

The 25-year-old singer-and-actress has 80 inkings on her body but had them all covered before she walked the red carpet at the Arena in Los Angeles on Sunday (04.02.24) as she wanted to let her black Celine gown have its own "moment".

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "It's just Celine, mama. It's all Celine head to toe with my own jewellery and covered all the tattoos.It took a few hours.

"I like switching things up. I love my tattoos, I love my piercings, I love all the body modification stuff, art, and also sometimes I don't want it to distract from the art that is the fashion I'm wearing. And it gives the dress it's own moment, you know?"

Paris shared a time-lapse video on Instagram showing how vegan brand Cover FX had been able to paint over her body art.

She captioned the post: "#CoverFX meant business when they said total cover cream foundation would have me covered."

Meanwhile, the 'Star' actress revealed she has more music on the way with Linda Perry, following their song 'Hit Your Knees'.

Asked when she'll be bringing out another song, she said: "I haven't decided when yet but when I was on tour with Incubus, I dropped a single that I just did with Linda Perry.

"She's like my Aries twin flames so we want to keep working together.

"I just like writing music. I promise it's that simple. The inspo is usually pain and love and the space between."

Paris has previously spoken of how her piercings and tattoos pay tribute to her dad, the late Michael Jackson, and other people she admires.

She told LVR magazine: "My Frightened Rabbit tattoo says 'Forever 36' because the lead singer [Scott Hutchison] passed in 2018 [at age 36].

"I got that on his birthday, randomly, out of the blue. The koi fish and dragon, I had wanted since I was 16..."

Of her seven ear piercings - her father's lucky number - she added: “It’s more about the number of piercings than what is on them, but there is a sunburst, feather and dragon."