Rachel Weisz has "perfect" hair.

Rachel Weisz with Daniel Craig

Rachel Weisz with Daniel Craig

The 45-year-old actress - who unveiled a shorter do at the Cannes Film Festival this year - has versatile locks which are always in the right condition to style, says her hairdresser Kevin Mancuso, global hair creative director of Nexus New York Salon.

He said: "Rachel has perfect hair to work on. Soft but with texture and volume, shine and staying power.

I took a bit off the length so that it just grazes her shoulders and gave her that perfect, flexible modern style that can be left to dry naturally - essential for Rachel who does just that most days - but can also be put up or styled very glamorously.

To complete the cut I added in a few disconnected layers ... to customise it to her hair and how it moves.

And Kevin says that Rachel - who is married to 'James Bond' star Daniel Craig, 47 - is low maintenance in her daily routine.

He told Britain's HELLO! Magazine: "Ahead of the festival, I created for Rachel a cut with shape and a graphic baseline that maximises the movement in her hair. It's a bob nut not the traditional bob length, and while it has a definite geometric line at the end, it also has hidden layers that give it a liquid geometry."